A Mathematics Computer Lab and Resource Center

Michael Boardman

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Pacific University
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR 97116


Grant Number: DUE: 9650020

The Mathematical Sciences department at Pacific University, with funding from NSF Grant #DUE-9650020, has developed a Mathematical Sciences Computer Lab and Resource Center (MCLRC). The center houses information on carreers, graduate programs in mathematics and allied fields and recent progress in mathematics as well as computing facilities useable by students for classwork, lab work, internet exploration, and independent research projects. Portions of the mathematical sciences curriculum, including calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, statistics, software tools and scientific computing, are being altered to take advantage of this new resource. With the principal tool being MAPLE, instructors are constructing instructional supplements in the form of MAPLE worksheets for students to complete and present, either in written, electronic, or oral form to the instructor and/or class.

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