NSF's ILI Poster Session
in Orlando (January, 1996)

The papers presented here are abstracts and related materials associated with a poster session of recipients of grants from the National Science Foundation's Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement program. This poster session convened at the joint meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in Orlando, FL, on January 11, 1996. The poster session was organized by Earl D. Fife.

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Projects are listed in alphabetical order by project title. Associated with each title are the following links:
  • The author's address
  • NSF's on-line description of the project
  • The author's abstract in .pdf format (Files written Adobe's portable document format can be read using Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Acrobat on your machine, click here to download one.)
  • A link to all files associated with this project. This includes the abstract in TeX, postscript, and .dvi format as well as other files supplied by the author.

The Listing of Projects

The Advanced Mathematics Computer Laboratory
Martha L. Abell, James P. Braselton
Georgia Southern University
An Alternative Technology-Based Mathematics Curriculum
Bill Waller
University of Houston-Downtown
Calculus in a Real and Complex World
Philip Blau, Mary Ann Connors, David R. Hayes
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Classroom Equipment for Instructional Enhancement of Eight Post-Calculus Mathematics Courses
Noemi Halpern, Nosup Kwak, Ian Spatz
CUNY Brooklyn College
Collaborative Learning through Interactive Animations for Mathematics
David B. Sher, P. Cheifetz, F. Avenoso, R Glass
Nassau Community College
Collaborative Learning with Technology for Entry-Level Mathematics
Charlotte Chell, Erlan E Wheeler, Mark R Snavely
Carthage College
Computer Algebra Laboratories for Business Calculus
William Slough, Peter Andrews, Duane Broline,
Eastern Illinois University
A Computer Algebra System for Calculus
Lillie Crowley, Steve Ott
Lexington Community College
Computer Classroom for Upper Division Mathematics
Alan Knoerr, Tamas Lengyel, Michael McDonald
Occidental College
A Computer Classroom/Laboratory for Undergraduate Mathematics Instruction
David S. Gilliam, Lawrence Schovanac
Texas Tech University
A Computer Laboratory for Mathematical Exploration
Betsy Yanik, Joe Yanik
Emporia State University
A Computer Laboratory for Numerical Analysis and Linear Algebra
Richard P. Halpern, Chirakkal V. Easwaran
State University of New York - New Paltz
Computer Laboratory Instructions in Multivariable Calculus
C. K. Cheung
Boston College
Computer Technology Across the Mathematics Curriculum
Mary Scherer, Allen Killpatrick, Janet Beery, Michael Bloxham, Richard Cornez, Alexander Koonce, Steven Morics
University of Redlands
DUE-9351491, DUE-9551132
Eastern Kentucky University Mathematica Project
Paul Bland
Eastern Kentucky University
Enabling MS-Windows and Windows Based Mathematical Software in Current Computer Laboratory
Howard Kaplon, Raouf Boules
Towson State University
Fostering Creativity, Teamwork, and Scientific Thinking in Introductory Statistics through Computer-based Laboratories
Peter G. Jessup, Roger D. Coleman, Nancy L. Hagelgans, Stephen P. Kneizys
Ursinus College
Implementing Computer Algebra Systems and Writing to Learn in Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
O. W. McClung, P. G. LaRose
Nebraska Wesleyan University
An Integrated Laboratory Environment for Mathematics Majors
Ed Packel, David Yuen
Lake Forest College
An Integrated Laboratory-Classroom for Calculus and Precalculus
Bonnie Gold, Robert Foote, Esteban Poffald,
Wabash College
Integrating Lab Activities into Geometry at Gustavus Adolphus College
Stephen R. Hilding, Michael Hvidsten
Gustavus Adolphus College
Interactive Learning of Mathematics and Computer Science in a Distributed Laboratory
Margret Hoft, Hartmut Hoft, Kevin Burke
University of Michigan - Dearborn, Eastern Michigan University, Siena Heights College
Library for Interactive Study of Mathematics (LISM)
James E. White
California State University at Monterey Bay, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
MAPLE and Mathematics: Improvements to Four Senior Mathematics Classes
David Betounes, Mylan Redfern
University of Southern Mississippi
Mathematica Laboratory Instruction in Calculus and Applied Mathematics
Anita Salem, Paula Shorter
Rockhurst College
Mathematical Interactive Network Design (MIND) a Computer Labortory for Developmental Mathematics
Kathryn C. Wetzel, John Pool Aimee Martin Bobby May Jay Abramson
Amarillo College
Mathematics Computer Laboratory for Individuals and Groups
Terry Walters, Stephen Kuhn
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Multidisciplinary Statistics Laboratory and Curriculum
Chris Noble
Lawrence University
Novel Laboratory Instruction in Undergraduate Statistics Curricula
Panickos N. Palettas, Walter R. Pirie
Virginia Tech University
DUE-9352312 (ILI-LLD), DUE-9352110,
OLS MC-Squared
Jack Narayan, Patricia Shuart, Patricia Pacitti
SUNY Oswego
A Unified Approach Toward Success In Calculus
Robert Mignone
College of Charleston
Using an Instructional/Explorations Laboratory to Improve Introductory Level Mathematics
Joyce H. Saxon, Rodger Hammons, Lloyd Jaisingh, Robert Lindahl, and Daniel Seth
Morehead State University

Here is the handout distributed at the poster session. It is a compilation of the abstracts listed above with cover page, table of contents, and index added.

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