Other Sites of Interest to Mathematicians
Although these sites are not dedicated to mathematics, they do contain a significant amount of mathematical materials or have some other significant interest for mathematicians. Note the acknowledgment at the bottom of this document.

American Scientist - Computers and Mathematics Articles

The Austrian Academy of Sciences

Automated Reasoning Project, at the Australian National University
The ARP is a department in the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering at the Australian National University. Our ``mission'' is to conduct research into pure and applied logic, as a mathematical, philosophical and computational discipline and to implement logical procedures in software; to provide postgraduate education in the subject areas of this research; and to foster cooperative research with Australian and overseas groups whose aims are similar.

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Writing, Duke University
The Center offers both resources and services to Duke's teaching community. Part of their mission is to provide arenas for serious discussion about issues regarding teaching. To facilitate this, they make papers, articles, and letters with pedagogical themes available electronically.

Chronicle of Higher Education

German Scientific Computing
These pages provide general access to local scientific computing information in Germany and is sponsored by the special interest group on scientific computing ( Fachgruppe Scientific Computing ) of the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV).

Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center
The GVU Center was established by Georgia Tech in 1991 in recognition of the central role of Graphics, Visualization & Usability in the future growth of computing.

Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, UC Irvine
The Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences is a specialized research center to facilitate interaction and common research goals among scientists whose purpose is to precisely formulate and test theories of human behavior.

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science in Medicine

Institute for Scientific Computation, Texas A & M University
The Institute for Scientific Computation is an interdisciplinary research center devoted to the applications of digital computing in mathematics, engineering and applied science.

An Introduction to Scientific, Symbolic, and Graphical Computing
This is the entry point to material associated with the book An Introduction to Scientific, Symbolic, and Graphical Computing, written by Eugene Fiume and published by AK Peters. Software associated to this book is also avialbale.

Laboratory of Mathematical Biology, National Cancer Institute

Learning through Collaborative Visualization

National Academy of Sciences
The National Academy of Sciences is a private, nonprofit, self-perpetuating society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific and engineering research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and technology and to their use for the general welfare. Upon the authority of the charter granted to it by the Congress in 1863, the Academy has a mandate that requires it to advise the federal government on scientific and technical matters.

National Science Foundation
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent agency of the Federal Government established in 1950 to promote and advance scientific and engineering progress in the United States. The Foundation does this primarily by sponsoring scientific and engineering research and education.

Operations Research Resources

Physics Servers and Services Around the World
This site at McGill University contains a large number of links to WWW resources in physics.

SC-CM - Stanford University
The Scientific Computing/Computational Mathematics Program is part of the School of Engineering at Stanford University and offers the graduate degrees of M.S. and Ph.D.

Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics

Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources
This page provides a topic-based collection of available WWW resources for statistics, statistical graphics, and computation related to research, data analysis and teaching, now containing over 280 links.

A system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information by electronic mail, FTP, gopher and WWW.

W. M. Keck Center for Computational Biology
This server is run by the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Rice University.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Educational Technology
This is a long list of links to various sites related to Educational Technology which is maintained by TECFA ("Technologies de Formation et Apprentissage"), a teaching and research unit within the School of Psychology and Education (Faculte de psychologie et des sciences de l'education), University of Geneva.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics

WORMS - World-Wide-Web for Operations Research and Management Science

Acknowledgments: Many of the descriptions of the sites given above are taken or abstracted from information provided by the sites.