Other Sites with Mathematical Links
The following is a collection of WWW sites which have a significant organized collection of links to mathematical sites on the Internet which would be of interest to university and college faculty and students and professional mathematicians. Check the acknowledgment at the end of this document.

This link is the mathematics collection of BUBL. The BUBL Information Service is funded as a national information service by JISC, the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher Education Funding Councils of England, Scotland and Wales and the Department of Education for Northern Ireland. BUBL originated as the BUlletin Board for Libraries, more about which is available on the BUBL gopher. BUBL now provides an information service to the academic and research community more generally, with much of this taking place via the BUBL Subject Tree.

Cellule de Coordination Documentaire Nationale pour les Mathématiques

CTI Mathematics, University of Birmingham, UK
CTI Mathematics, based in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Birmingham (UK), is one of 24 subject-based centres working to encourage the use of learning technologies in UK higher education. Here you will find software reviews and articles, mailing list information, contact addresses, and links to a wealth of mathematical resources worldwide.


EINet Galaxy - Mathematics

Florida State University - The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
This site was one of first to organize links to Mathematical sites on the WWW.

Math Forum
Formerly called the Geometry Forum, the Math Forum has as its goal to build a community that can be a center for all who have an interest in mathematics education. They work towards this goal in several ways: hosting of newsgroups, organizing a collection of links to various mathematics resources, and involvement with the development and evaluation of Internet math materials.

Math-Net Links to the Mathematical World
The Math-Net Links are a first collection of about 700 mathematical resources and related pointers into the Internet consisting of

Mathematics on the Web
This site, organized by the American Mathematical Society, contains a significant collection of links.

Penn State University - Mathematics Information Servers
This site is recognized as having one of the best collection of links to Mathematical sites.

World of Mathematics and Computing
SIAM's comprehensive list of mathematics-related Web servers, FAQs, bibliographies, software repositories, newsgroups, etc.

Yahoo is a database of WWW servers; this is a connection to their Mathematics page.

Acknowledgment: Most of the descriptions above were taken from the listed sites.