MAA Session on Interdisciplinary Programs with Undergraduate Mathematics
in Orlando (January, 1996)

The papers presented here are abstracts and related materials associated with a contributed paper session which will convene at the joint meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in Orlando, FL, on January 12, 1996 from 1:00PM to 6:00PM. The session has been organized by Jerry Johnson of University of Nevada, Reno, and Louis Gross, University of Tennessee. There has been an increasing call for undergraduate courses to have more applications and more contact with other disciplines, and NSF has regularly funded interdisciplinary projects with mathematics as their centerpiece. Papers were sought that describe undergraduate interdisciplinary courses, activities, or programs which involve a significant mathematics component and are well along in their development. Special consideration was given to programs that are innovative and can be readily disseminated. Incorporation of technology is also desirable.

The schedule for the session is:
Welcome - J. Johnson and L. Gross 1:00
Jerry Johnson 1:05
Louis Gross 1:25
William Derrick 1:45
Una Bray 2:05
Robert Cole 2:25
Benny Evans 2:45
Sheldon Gordon 3:05
Break 3:25
Frank H. Mathis 3:40
Marylin L. Repsher 4:00
Joe Kirtland 4:20
William J. O'Conner 4:40
Richard E. Pfiefer 5:00
Dan Sloughter 5:20
James S. Walker 5:40

A number of abstracts were submitted for this session which could not be included due to time contraints. For completeness, and to spread the word about the variety of projects dealing with Interdisciplinary Mathematics, these abstracts are also included here after the scheduled presentations.

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The Listing of Presentations

Mathematics Across the Curriculum at the University of Nevada
Jerry Johnson
University of Nevada, Reno

Interdisciplinary Quantitative Curriculum Development: Lessons from a Project in the Life Sciences
Louis J. Gross
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

A Course in Mathematical Biology
William R. Derrick
University of Montana

Epidemics and Mathematics
Una Bray
Skidmore College

Environmental Modeling in an Interdisciplinary Setting
Robert Cole
The Evergreen State College

An Interdisciplinary Course to Replace College Algebra
Benny Evans
Oklahoma State University

Functioning in the Real World: A Precalculus Experience with Applications across the Disciplines
Sheldon Gordon
Suffolk Community College

Mathematics for decision making
Frank H. Mathis
Baylor University

TEAM, An Interdisciplinary Course in Mathematics and Economics
J. Rody Borg, Marilyn Repsher
Jacksonville University

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Mathematics and Composition
Joseph Kirtland, Steven Killion
Marist College

Using Mathematics to Improve Writing Skills
William J. O'Conner
Incarnate Word College

Team Teaching an Integrated Mathematics and Science Course
Richard E. Pfiefer

Computational science in a liberal arts setting
Daniel C. Sloughter
Furman University

Modern, Computer Assisted, Fourier Analysis
James S. Walker
University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire

Additional Abstracts Submitted

An integrated curriculum for freshmen and sophomore engineering students
Matthias Kawski
Arizona State University

Interdisciplinary Computer Science and Mathematics
Don Pierce, Ed Wright
Western Oregon State College

Modeling with Mathematics in Learning Communities
Scott A. Smith
Columbia College

Integrating Calculus and Physics Courses
Phillip Zenor, Dave Johnson, Martin Jackson
University of Puget Sound

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