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Sites Dedicated to Teaching of Mathematics

The following are links to sites which contain a significant amount of materials (other than software) which is useful in the teaching of mathematics at the community college, college and university levels. (For a similar listing of K-12 sites, check out the Mathematics Archives K-12 Home Page.)

Achieving Quality in Undergraduate Mathematics
This article is a Mathematical Sciences Education Board report.

MACMATC - Middle Atlantic Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications Throughout the Curriculum
The MACMATC is an NSF-sponsored project involving Penn, Villanova, Community College of Philadelphia, Polytechnic, some Philadelphia high schools and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, that seeks to improve students' appreciation and understanding of mathematics by infusing math courses with real applications and other courses with mathematics.

Math Forum
Formerly called the Geometry Forum, the Math Forum has as its goal to build a community that can be a center for all who have an interest in mathematics education. They work towards this goal in several ways: hosting of newsgroups, organizing a collection of links to various mathematics resources, and involvement with the development and evaluation of Internet math materials.

Math Teacher Link
Math Link is a website based at the University of Illinois that is designed to deliver professional development opportunities and classroom resources to teachers of mathematics, statistics and related subjects at the high school and lower division college levels.

Mathematical Sciences Education Board

The MathSkills Discipline Network
The Department for Education and Employment (U.K.) has established 24 university-based Discipline Networks from 1st April 1996, covering a wide variety of academic subject areas, with the aim of facilitating the dissemination of information on innovations in teaching and learning. Mathskills will provide information to the mathematical community through its Web Homepage, which will include regular newsletters, survey data, a discussion group and conference details, as well as gradually establishing reference material such as expert lists, exemplars of good practice, case studies and other support material.

MER - Mathematicians and Education Reform
The Mathematicians and Education Reform (MER) Forum seeks to promote within the mathematics community the continuing discussion of educational issues, dissemination of educational resources, and building of collegial associations to support the successful involvement of mathematicians in education reform.

Oklahoma State University Mathematics Education Center
The Oklahoma State University Mathematics Education Internet Source was opened March 21, 1995 with the aid of a National Science Foundation grant #DUE 9450848. Our goal is to serve mathematics educators, particularly as their needs relate to the use of technology in undergraduate mathematics.

Project Kaleidoscope
Project Kaleidoscope is an informal national alliance dedicated to strengthening undergraduate science and mathematics education.

Research Sampler
This column, edited by Annie and John Selden, contains brief expositions of research on undergraduate mathematics education and is linked to a bibliography, a glossary, and a list of research questions.

Resources for teaching statistics

This page tries to collect some information about spreadsheets with an emphasis on mathematics and statistics education.

Using Technology in Mathematics Service Courses
This WEB page is presented by Central Michigan University and partially funded by an Annenberg/ CPB grant. The goal of this page is to provide an information forum specifically for instructors interested in Technological and Innovative reform in Mathematics Service Courses.

Acknowledgment: Many of the descriptions given above are taken from the documents at the listed site.