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Chaos Gallery

Clifford Pickover's Home Page
This page contains many of the graphics which are contained in Pickover's books in addition to many other graphics and animations.

CNET : Ecole Polytechnique - Visualizations by Jean-Francois Colonna
A collection of scientific visualizations by Jean-Francois Colonna. Topics include fractals, chaotic dynamics, quantum mechanics, fluid mechnaics, surface visualizations, natural phenomenon synthesis, signal processing, autostereograms, etc.

C*ODE*E Graphics Gallery
This page from C*ODE*E contains graphs which arise from various physical situations, and which have provided the cover art for each issue of C*ODE*E. You can click on each graphic to see an enlargement of the graph along with a description of the physical systems being represented.

Contours of the Mind
Contours of the Mind is a celebration of fractal geometry, feedback and chaos. The event brought together a unique blend of visual art, science and music, exhibited at the ANU Drill Hall Gallery from the 23rd of June to the 24th of July 1994.

CSC - Mathematics Animations

The Dance of Chance Exhibit Hall
Each of the kiosks on this site will lead you into a different facet of the exciting world of patterns in Nature. Many of these patterns are fractals. Fractal forms are ubiquitous in Nature, and especially likely to arise when randomness plays a large role during the pattern's development. The experiments and examples in this exhibit demonstrate some of the many ways that branching patterns arise in Nature from the conflict between random and constraining forces.

Durham Numerical Analysis Art Gallery
Durham Numerical Analysis Art Gallery contains pictures which are relevant to the research interest of the Mathematics Department at the University of Durham.

Dynamical Systems and Technology Project
This project is a National Science Foundation sponsored project designed to help secondary school and college teachers of mathematics bring contemporary topics in mathematics (chaos, fractals, dynamics) into the classroom, and to show them how to use technology effectively in this process. At this point, there are several interactive papers available. These are designed to help teachers understand the mathematics behind such topics as iterated function systems (the chaos game) and the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

Fermat Project
Images used in a popularized introduction to Fermat's Last Theorem, a famous recently solved problem in number theory. Three dimensional mathematical depictions are used in the beginning of the film to illustrate the meaning of the mathematical ideas involved. The second half of the film makes a transition to show a remarkable family of four dimensional surfaces related to Fermat's theorem, and projects them to three dimensions for display using standard rendering and shading techniques.

Fluid.Dynamics Project
Images from an animation which was created by Thierry Dubois and Jacques Laminie of the Institute for Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics at Indiana University using AVS on fluid dynamics computations and was recorded to video tape at CICA. The flow considered here is a two-dimensional homogeneous flow where the governing equations are the Navier-Stokes equations, supplemented with periodic boundary conditions in both spatial directions.

4Dice Project Movies
An MPEG movie of the 4Dice animation from the Center for Innovative Computer Applications. A glimpse into the fourth dimenion depicting a four-dimensional die with its 3D faces and dots.

Fractals Calendar

Gallery of Mathematical Images
Images include the Mandelbrot set, Quaternionic Fractals, Molecular Dynamics, Iterated Function Systems, Hyperspace, Self-similar Structures, Lyapunov Pictures, and a JAVA applet to show Period Doubling.

GANG - Center for Geometry, Analysis, Numerics, and Graphics
The Center for Geometry, Analysis, Numerics, and Graphics is an interdisciplinary differential geometry research team at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Geometry Through Art
This page provides information about the artist Norman Shapiro who has been working with students in public schools in the New York area with their study of geometry and information on obtaining the materials which he has used.

Glimpses ... of a Fugitive Universe
The recursive art of Rollo Silver.

The KnotPlot Site
Here you will find a collection of knots and links, viewed from a (partly) mathematical perspective. The images here were created with KnotPlot, a fairly elaborate program to visualize and manipulate mathematical knots in three and four dimensions.

Knots on the Web
This page contains a collections which are divided into three sections: Knot Tying, Knot Theory, and Knot Art. But knot lovers will understand that these distinctions are artificial. For example, a good practical knot is both a nugget of hard-won technology and a thing of beauty. Decorative knotting can be useful, and in any case requires uncommon dexterity and practical tying ability.

Math Art Gallery - University of Nijmegen
This site contains: singularity knots, animations, raytracer pictures, 3d fractals, a few smooth surfaces, and the source code for generating these pictures.

MATLAB and the Mosiacs at Ravenna (in Italian)

The MATLAB Gallery
The Gallery is a place to hang particularly elegant examples of graphic visualization in MATLAB. In addition to images, there are also movies.

Minimal Surfaces

Primordial Soup Kitchen

Research Centre of Applied Mathematics - CIRAM
This site contains a number of interesting pages including Fractal Gallery and Shells and Mathematics.

SFB 288 Gallery
The SFB 288 WWW site contains both a Gallery of pictures and a collection of movies which illustrate concepts from the interaction of differential geometry and mathematical physics.

This site contains a large number of images from programs and books which Julien C. Sprott has authored or co-authorerd. There is information about these books and software packages. In addition, there are a number of MSDOS software packages available for download.

Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension
This web site documents the "Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension" art exhibit hosted by the Providence Art Club in March and April of 1996. It featured computer-generated artwork designed by Tom Banchoff, in collaboration with Davide Cervone (now at Union College) and student associates at Brown University. These works combine computer graphics and mathematics to form images that are pleasing to the eye and challenging to the mind.

Symmetric Chaos

3D Strange Attractors and Similar Objects

Visual Mathematics Institute
The Visual Mathematics Institute was created in 1975 to administer grants from the State of California and the NSF. The "Visual Math Project" was created at UCSC, for the development of computer-graphic based materials for teaching university math: precalculus, calculus, linear algebra, and ordinary differential equations. Since 1990, the VMI has been supported by small grants from individuals, to continue the creation of new materials relating to chaos theory, and its applications in the sciences and arts.

World of Escher

Acknowledgment: Many of the descriptions given above are taken from documents at the listed site.