Software Description

The software and documentation is packaged as a ZIP archive for a PC running Windows. The workbooks are written for Microsoft Excel V5 or higher and the documentation is for Microsoft Word V6 or higher. The archive was created with WinZip and can be decompressed using WinZip or a similar utility. The workbooks and documents should be binary compatible with Microsoft products for the MacIntosh. The ZIP archive should be decompressible on a Mac using StuffIt or a similar utility.

This package contains Microsoft Excel functions and macros to operate on permutations within a spreadsheet. There is also documentation for the functions and a short paper applying some of the routines to permutation problems. The contents are:

ReadMe.txt - a simple text file table of contents

PermOver.doc - a brief overview of common conventions and general information

PermAlg.xls - a workbook containing all functions and macros

PermExam.xls - a workbook with a variety of worksheets demonstrating the functions

ExamNote.doc - descriptions of the worksheets in PermExam.xls

FuncDesc.doc - documentation on each function and macro

ApplyPap.doc - a paper that applies some of the functions to permutation group problems