Workshop: Enhancing Pre-service Secondary Mathematics Teachers' Understanding of Mathematical Concepts through the Use of Technology
Sharon Taylor
Georgia Southern University
Kathleen Cage Mittag
The University of Texas at San Antonio

At Georgia Southern University and The University of Texas at San Antonio, the presenters teach a course designed to enhance pre-service secondary mathematics teachers' understanding of mathematical concepts through the use of technology. Both Georgia and Texas require a graphing calculator on the state certification tests, yet students have very little formal training in the appropriate use of the machine. Because it is taught in mathematics departments, it must be a content course. However, in the process of teaching content, we are able to incorporate technology in a meaningful way. We not only discuss the appropriate use of technology, but also when, why, and how technology should be used, and how applications and assessment change with the use of technology.

This presentation/workshop will focus on the problems we encountered when first developing this course, the teaching strategies that work, the content and textbook, the overall organization of the course, some of the assessment tools we use, and results from pre and post tests that have been given in previous classes. We also welcome an open discussion from participants who have been successful in implementing such a course at their institution.