Workshop: Putting Mathematics on the Web
This workshop is a series of five 2 hour workshops:
  1. Using Microsoft Word / Netscape Composer
    Background: none
  2. Using Javascript
    Background: experience with some programming language
    Examples: Online quiz and Bisection Method
  3. Using MathView
    Background: none
    Example: Linear Approximations
  4. Using TeX-based products: Hot Eqn and TechExplorer
    Background: familiar with TeX
    Example: Product Rule
  5. Using Macromedia Flash
    Background: none
    Example: Integration by Parts

The workshop leaders are Earl Fife, Calvin College, and Larry Husch, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. They are codirectors of the Mathematics Archives. The examples shown above from the Visual Calculus project.

Schedule: Ayres 322 1-Tuesday, 2-Wednesday, 3-Thursday, 4-Friday, 5-Saturday 8:00-10:00