Interactive Computer-Based Multimedia for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Edward Landesman

Edward M. Landesman is Professor of Mathematics in Residence and Vice President of Mathematics Instruction at Academic Systems. He has a BA, MA and Ph.D. in mathematics, all from the University of California, Los Angeles.

He served as Provost of Crown College and also as Associate Academic Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education at the University of California, Santa Cruz where he is currently Professor Emeritus of Mathematics. In recent years, Dr. Landesman has devoted much time and effort investigating the use of interactive multimedia computer based instruction for the teaching and learning of mathematics. He has been instrumental in the creation and development of Academic Systems' Interactive Mathematics Series.

Dr. Landesman will discuss and demonstrate a computer-based interactive model for the teaching and learning of mathematics. The model preserves the core elements of traditional instruction (the instructor and printed text ) and also integrates computer-mediated instruction, assessment and support. It increases the interaction between instructors and students, and creates a more individualized learning environment.

Schedule: University Center - Shiloh Room, June 3, 9:15-10:15