Mediated Learning Mathematics
A Successful Strategy for Increasing High School Algebra Achievement

Dr. Bonnie King, Assistant Principal for Instruction
Kay Godfrey- Math Chair
Boone High School, Orlando, Florida

The State of Florida has funded a program to reduce the number of high school graduates who must take one or more developmental math courses in college-Remediation Reduction.

Boone High School received a Remediation Reduction grant and used the money to implement Interactive Mathematics, a multi media algebra program.

Students are pre and post tested with the CPT to measure learning gains. Interactive Mathematics is a comprehensive, computer delivered algebra program which can be individualized for each student based on their knowledge of each algebra topic contained in the course. Each topic in the program includes a pre-test, concept development, practice problems, explorations and mastery tests. Homework is automatically assigned, on a daily basis, by the Instructional Support System for each student. Student progress reports can be viewed online and printed.

The teachers role is to facilitate, mediate and evaluate individual student performance. The program can be delivered on a stand alone PC, a local area network and over the Internet which permits students to work on Interactive Mathematics at home as well as school.

Interactive Mathematics adheres to the NCTM standards. Each topic includes real world applications and examples of algebra usage.

The presenters will report on student outcomes, implementation strategies and how technology based materials can be integrated into the classroom.

Schedule: SERF 307, June 5, 9:15-10:15