Presentation: A Web-based Introductory Statistics Course
John N. Dyer, Marla Bell, and Lewis VanBrackle
Kennesaw State University

This project involves the integration of video/audio presentation and Internet technologies to facilitate delivery of an existing introductory statistics course, MA 1107, Introduction to Statistics, entirely over the Internet. The course emphasizes techniques and applications of statistical concepts instead of theoretical derivations. The course is under redesign utilizing technology resources currently available at and supported by KSU. These resources include Web Course-in-a-Box (WCB), Microsoft Front Page 98, Microsoft PowerPoint, Cyber Exam, and STATLETS. The course content will remain generic in nature, enabling teachers to utilize any textbook in conjunction with the model, although a supporting text component is under development. As a result of the proposed technology integration, MA 1107 will be completely Internet based and supported, will provide a framework for taking multiple courses to the Internet, will provide greater classroom accessibility for physically impaired teachers/students, and will provide course schedule convenience for non-traditional and corporate students, as well as faculty. Additionally, the course will serve as a first step toward distance-learning objectives being pursued through the College of Science and Mathematics. Project evaluation will be conducted through student surveys, grade distribution comparisons, and faculty discussions. Dissemination of project results will include publishing the project to The Statistics Network, the largest statistics web-site in the world, as well as submissions for workshop presentations and journal publications. This presentation provides examples of the audio/video presentation techniques utilized in the course design, and can be presented in the classroom setting as well as over the Internet.

Schedule: SERF 307, June 4, 1:00-2:00