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Welcome to this web site devoted to Continued Fractions. The goal of this site is to provide a brief introduction to the field of continued fractions for those curious about the subject. Sadly, the topic of continued fractions is often ignored in undergraduate and graduate mathematics programs. This site, however, is an attempt to fill this void. On these pages you will find a history of the subject, some background theory, and even some interactive programs that demonstrate the uses of continued fractions. I welcome any suggestions/comments.

Introduction History
Get aquainted with continued fractions. Includes some basic theory about the subject Discover the history of continued fractions. This section traces out some of the major developments of the field in the past 2500 years
Take advantage of the interactive nature of the world wide web. Here, you will discover a number of programs that let you calculate continued fractions.
Resources Credits
Here is a list of some the sources I used to create this web site. Also is included is a list of other web sites containing continued fractions. This site wouldn't have been possible without the help of a number of people. This is a list of those people.

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