A Brief History

This web site was first started in January, 1996. Originally, this web site was to complement my work on continued fractions. At the time, I was an undergraduate at Calvin College working towards my Honor's Degree in Mathematics. When I first met with my advisor, Dr. P. Zwier, we discussed the possibility of combining what I was learning about continued fractions and the internet. An early version of this web site was the product of this union.

Much to my surprise, other people visited this site and provided some positive comments. Over 3000 people had visited my web site within a year. Of course, I know this is not a huge number, but considering the subject matter, it is pretty respectable. Dr. E. Fife, the Macintosh moderator of the Math Archives, provided me with an account to enable me to create a permanent home for my web site. Over the last 4 months (Jan. '97 - April '97), I updated this web site (whenever I could find some free time away from my graduate work) into its present form. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or criticisms you may have about this site. Feel free to email me, Adam Van Tuyl, at


Even though I created, designed, and now maintain this web site, I have had some help and advice from many people. I like to specifically thank Greg Bush, Omi Chandiramani, Dr. T. Jager, Simon Plouffe, Dr. M. Stob, and Paul Van Dyk. Thanks for help with either the theory and/or computer related questions I came across. Thank you also to all of those who wrote me via e-mail to provide me with some valuable comments. A special thanks to Dr. E. Fife, and Math Archives for providing me with an account to keep this project alive. Without this archive, my continued fractions web site would now be living on a disk in some box. Finally, and definitely not least, I would like to thank Dr. P. Zwier for being willing to be my advisor on such a project.
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