What follows is a number of interactive computer applications that I have created in C++. It is hoped that these programs will provide a taste of what continued fractions are and what they can be used to do. Though I have done my best to eliminate all the bugs in my code, it is possible that some still remain. If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, email me at vantuyl@mast.queensu.ca

Rational---> Continued Fraction
Change a rational number into its corresponding continued fraction

Continued Fraction --->Rational
Compute the value of a continued fraction

Quadratic Irrational ---> Continued Fraction
Turn a quadratic irrational into a continued fraction

Continued Fraction ---> Quadratic Irrational
Find the value of a non-terminating continued fraction

Compute Convergents
Find the value of the convergents for any rational

Solve Pell's Equations
Find an integer solutions to equations of the form:
x2 - P * y2 = 1

Solve Linear Diophantine Equations
Find all integer solutions to equations of the form:
A * x + B * y = C

Solve Congruences
A * x = B (mod M)

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