Papers from ICTCM-28 arranged by title

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abstractpaper.pdf A Graph Theory Approach to Reducing Test Length28A037
 Aaron Carl Smith
abstractpaper.pdf A Review of the Best Pre-made Interactive GeoGebra Activities28A015
 Joseph M. Furner, Carol A. Marinas
abstractpaper.pdf An Elementary/Higher Education Partnership: Assessing Students Mathematics Knowledge Through Technology28A008
 Caroline Johnson Caswell, Elisa Rivera
 paper.pdf An Introduction to the Robustness of GeoGebra28A011
 Thomas E. Cooper
 paper.pdf Analysis Of Web-Based Assignment Data Reveals Studying Habits28A029
 Filippo Posta, Jonah Beaumont
 paper.pdf Approximating Surface Areas and Volumes28A006
 Paul Bouthellier
 paper.pdf Arduino in the Classroom: Classroom Ready Modules for Undergraduate Mathematics28A032
 Michael D. Seminelli
abstractpaper.pdf Assessing Core Curriculum in the Foundational Component Area of Mathematics For Undergraduate Research28A016
 Rohitha Goonatilake, Miguel San Miguel, Runchang Lin, Sofia C. Maldonado, Aida C. Garza
abstractpaper.pdf Calculus Classroom Activities Involving Groups of Learning Catalytics Questions28A005
 Przemyslaw Bogacki
abstractpaper.pdf Commercial Versus Free On-line CAS Systems: Compare and Contrast28A001
 Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben
 paper.pdf Conditions on the Coefficients of a Reduced Cubic Polynomial Such That It And Its Derivative Are Factorable Over the Rational Numbers28A003
 Caleb L. Adams, James Board
 paper.pdf Cubic Congruences Modulo a Prime, Cardano, and The TI-8928A014
 Joseph Fadyn
abstractpaper.pdf Designing a Meaningful Final Project For an Introductory Statistics Course28A017
 Carrie E. A. Grant
 paper.pdf Developing Digital Literacy in the Calculus Sequence28A002
 Jeremy Brazas, Todd Abel
abstractpaper.pdf Developing Habits of Mind in the Core Mathematics Program28A033
 Thomas Nelson, Michael D. Seminelli
 paper.pdf Effects of Technology-Aided Multiple-Representations Approach on Students' Understanding Of Derivatives28A018
 Hana Shatila, Samer Habre, Iman Osta
 paper.pdf Engaging and Assessing Students with Educational Mobile Platform Tools28A024
 Matthew D. Mogensen, Patrick L. Brundage
 paper.pdf Flipping Review Sessions with Learning Catalytics28A019
 Christopher Heeren
abstractpaper.pdf Flipping, Clicking, and Group Activities in Business Calculus: Advice for Novices28A028
 Bruce Pollack-Johnson
 paper.pdf How To Draw And Recognize Misreading Graphs Part I28A013
 Aniekan Asukwo Ebiefung
 paper.pdf Implementation of Web-Based Adaptive Learning Software28A030
 Robert I. Puhak
 paper.pdf Interdisciplinary Academic Program: Mathematics and Technology28A035
 Reginald P. Shelton, Jason T. Sharritt
 paper.pdf Introductory Stats, There's an App For That28A023
 Mike May
 paper.pdf Learner-centered Math Technology28A022
 Monika Kiss
 paper.pdf Looking For Math, Redux28A020
 Erica Johnson
 paper.pdf Maple Implementation of Certain Cryptographic Methods28A021
 Manmohan Kaur
abstractpaper.pdf Multivariable Spreadsheet Modeling and Scientific Thinking via Stacking Bricks28A036
 Scott A. Sinex
 paper.pdf Need a Graphing Calculator/CAS App? You're in the Right Place!28A012
 John C. D. Diamantopoulos
abstractpaper.pdf Online Instructional Intervention in a Seated General Education Mathematics Course28A041
 Regina Stone-Hernandez, Robert L. Watson, Jared Miller
abstractpaper.pdf PhotoMath - A Mobile App For Algebra Teaching And Tutorials28A025
 Diem M. Nguyen, Dong Chen
abstractpaper.pdf Real Polynomials with a Complex Twist28A040
 Michael Warren, John Gresham, Bryant Watt
abstractpaper.pdf Recontextualizing Bloom's Taxonomy: Quantitative Measures in Formative Curriculum Assessments and Program Evaluations28A010
 Anthony Clemons, Aaron Smith
 paper.pdf Robotics and the Arduino Ecosystem - K12 STEM Outreach28A034
 Jason Sharritt, Reginald Shelton
 paper.pdf SAGE Math Cloud: Mathematics in the Cloud28A031
 James Quinlan
abstractpaper.pdf Testing Unfairness - Mathematics and Simulations28A004
 G. Donald Allen, Dianne Goldsby, Sandra Nite
 paper.pdf The Brachistochrone on a Rotating Earth28A039
 J. Villanueva
abstractpaper.pdf The Impact of Redesigned College Algebra28A042
 Marcela Chiorescu, Rodica Cazacu
abstractpaper.pdf The Use of Maple in Graphing Solution Curves to Initial Value Problems28A038
 Somasundaram Velummylum
 paper.pdf Transforming Teacher Technology Use: Results From Summer Institute Training28A026
 Melissa Burkhead, Sandra B. Nite
abstractpaper.pdf Understanding Statistics Concepts Using Simulation In R28A009
 Leslie Chandrakantha
abstractpaper.pdf Using Padlets and Online Journals to Enhance Student Learning28A027
 Katrina Palmer
 paper.pdf Visualizing Linear Algebra Using The HTML5 Canvas: Matrices And Quaternions28A007
 Paul Bouthellier