Papers from ICTCM-17 arranged by title

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 paper.pdf A Crash Course in Testing and Assessment17A006
 G. Donald Allen
abstractpaper.pdf A Java Applet to Explore Multiple Representations of Function in a Teacher Education Course17S094
 Laura J. Pyzdrowski, Anthony S. Pyzdrowski
abstractpaper.pdf A Precalculus Experiment17C036
 Lisa A. Lister, John Polhill
abstractpaper.pdf A Technology-Enhanced Fractal/Chaos Course17C021
 Taeil Yi
abstractpaper.pdf Algorithmic Homework in Finite Math - What Are the Benefits?17S011
 Janice Epstein
abstractpaper.pdf An Optimal Computer Facility Location17S037
 William P. Fox, William H. Richardson, Jr.
abstractpaper.pdf Animations using Maple17C032
 Bill Blyth
abstractpaper.pdf Bringing Linear Programming to Life for Business Students - An Interactive Tool to Improve Learning17S026
 Raimundo Kovac, Rebecca Sparks, Christopher Teixeira
abstractpaper.pdf Calculus Labs for Biology and Pre-Med Students17S044
 Timothy D. Comar
abstractpaper.pdf Cobweb Diagrams in Excel17C005
 David Gurney
abstractpaper.pdf Cognitive Computer Tools in Undergraduate Calculus: A Qualitative Research Study17S103
 Nathan A. Borchelt
abstractpaper.pdf College Algebra in Context: An Interdisciplinary Approach17S073
 Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco
abstractpaper.pdf College Algebra Reform17S034
 Robert Mayes
abstractpaper.pdf Connecting Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Calculus with the TI-89/Voyage 20017W003
 Mary Ann Connors
abstractpaper.pdf Creating Interactive Workbooks using MS Excel17M006
 Sarah L. Mabrouk
 paper.pdf Derive 6: CAS as a Tool for Teaching and Learning Mathematics17S028
 Lisa Townsley
abstractpaper.pdf Descartes Visits Wall Street And Meets The TI-84+ SE: A Financial Journey17W008
 Donna M. Christy
abstractpaper.pdf Describing Mathematical Figures with Metapost17C063
 Jeffrey Clark
abstractpaper.pdf Designing Learning Activities With Dynamic Geometry And Computer Algebra Systems: The Ellipse Case17S098
 Ana Guadalupe Del Castillo Bojorquez
abstractpaper.pdf Designing Mathematics Courses Online17C055
 Siamack Bondari, Jacci White
abstractpaper.pdf Designing Patterns with Polar Equations using Maple17C019
 Somasundaram Velummylum
abstractpaper.pdf Developing Precalculus Concepts in Context17S090
 Marsha Davis
abstractpaper.pdf Enhanced Learning and Assessment and Enhanced Learning of Calculus through Online Quizzes17S091
 Manmohan Kaur
abstractpaper.pdf Expanding Curves and Arc Length17S078
 Joel C. Fowler
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Multivariable Calculus with DPGraph17M002
 Vlajko L. Kocic
abstractpaper.pdf Generating and Modeling Data From Real-World Experiments17S070
 Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht
abstractpaper.pdf Geometry of the Earth and Universe Computer Labs17S113
 Sarah J. Greenwald
abstractpaper.pdf Getting to Know...Geometer's Sketchpad17M003
 Carol A. Marinas
abstractpaper.pdf How To Turn Math Duds Into Math Studs17S048
 Linda Braddy, Mike Duggan, Anne Fine, Elizabeth Keiffer, Rebecca Lyle
abstractpaper.pdf Interactive Mathematics Quizmaker and the Online Mathematics Placement Exams17S023
 Diem M. Nguyen, G. Donald Allen
abstractpaper.pdf Interesting Computer Explorations In Multivariate Calculus17S083
 Thomas G. Wangler
abstractpaper.pdf Introducing Topology Through Simulations Of Knot Tying And Band Forming Activities17S029
 Lisa Elaine Marano
abstractpaper.pdf Jumpstarting Technology in the Calculus Curriculum17M004
 Patrice Geary Tiffany, Rosemary Carroll Farley
abstractpaper.pdf Modeling Projects for Student Investigation17C023
 Barry Tesman
abstractpaper.pdf Multiple Integration - Visualization and Animation Using Maple17S036
 Bill Blyth
abstractpaper.pdf Optimization in Mathematics17S092
 William P. Fox
 paper.pdf Optimization with Technology in a Multivariable Calculus Course17S892
 William H. Richardson, Jr.
abstractpaper.pdf Pedagogy of Online Mathematics Learning: Case of WebCT in a Matrix and a Research Mathematics Course17S096
 Hamide Dogan-Dunlap
abstractpaper.pdf Personalizing Derivatives and Antiderivatives with Geometer's Sketchpad, a CBR and A TI-8417S093
 Judy O'Neal
abstractpaper.pdf Pre Session ICTCM 2004: All About Assessment17A001
 Sharon Sledge
abstractpaper.pdf Proportional Hazards Model For Assessing Risk Factors In Calculus17S057
 V. J. DuRapau Jr.
abstractpaper.pdf Restructuring Calculus III To Integrate Maple Technology In The Teaching And Learning Process17C058
 Salvatrice F. Keating
abstractpaper.pdf RSA Cryptosystem and Its Applications17C052
 Weihu Hong
abstractpaper.pdf Simplex: Artificial Variables with TI-89 or Voyage 20017C015
 Hernan Rivera
abstractpaper.pdf Some Elementary Cryptography Including RSA with The TI-92+ and Voyage 20017W007
 Richard Klima, Neil Sigmon
abstractpaper.pdf Stimulating Simulating with the TI-83+: Lessons for Preservice Teachers From a Mathematics Course17C011
 Jean McGivney-Burelle
abstractpaper.html Studying Collision Theory using JavaScript17C061
 Paul Bouthellier
abstractpaper.pdf Tank Time 2: Structured Maple Projects For Differential Equations17S069
 Joseph Fadyn
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching and Learning Business Calculus Through Technology17S052
 William L. Blubaugh
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching Mathematical Proof with Technology17S062
 Doug Ensley, Winston Crawley
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching Mathematics Online: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly17C047
 Kate McGivney
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching Mathematics with LiveMath17C017
 Morteza Seddighin
abstractpaper.pdf The Acrotex Online Assessment System17S056
 D. P. Story
abstractpaper.pdf The Insolvability of The Quintic and Its Implication to Technology17C033
 Josefino Villanueva
abstractpaper.pdf The Role of the Graphic Calculator in Mathematical Education17S119
 Shin Watanabe
abstractpaper.pdf The Use of LOGO in Pre-service Mathematics Teacher Courses17C034
 Gary Harris
abstractpaper.pdf 'Tired of the Same Old Test Questions?' Incorporating Graphing Technology Into Assessment17C001
 Lorrie Joubert, Sharon Clark
abstractpaper.pdf Using CAS Technology in Math Education - Assessment and Survey Results17S033
 Karsten Schmidt, Wolfgang Moldenhauer
abstractpaper.pdf Using Derive 6 in Liberal Arts/Business Calculus17S021
 Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel
abstract  Using DNA Sequencing to Motivate Mathematics17C035
 Frederick A. Adkins
abstractpaper.html Using Geometer's Sketchpad to Illustrate Mathematical Modeling and Morphing17C065
 Paul Bouthellier
abstractpaper.pdf Using Graphing Calculators to Enhance Students Understanding of the Formal Definition of Limits17S122
 Antonio R. Quesada, Richard L. Einsporn, Muserref Wiggins
abstractpaper.pdf Using Learnstar In Calculus and Teacher Preparation Courses17S022
 G. Brock Williams
abstractpaper.pdf VBA Programming Techniques in Excel for a Cross Discipline Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Course17C024
 David Nawrocki