Papers from ICTCM-12 arranged by title

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abstractpaper.pdf Assessment: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?12C099
 Harry Gretton, Neil Challis
abstractpaper.pdf Collaborative Projects in Calculus I12P001
 John D. Baildon
abstractpaper.pdf Decorate Your Web Pages with Mathematical Animations12C001
 Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel
abstractpaper.pdf Designing a Computer Classroom12P014
 Mike May
abstractpaper.html Designing a Precalculus Course with Optional Web Based Activities, Preliminary Report12C006
 Margo Alexander, Jean Bevis, Draga Vidakovic
abstractpaper.pdf Designing Courseware with Maple12P013
 Mike May
abstractpaper.pdf Development of a Computer-Based College Algebra Course12C002
 Javier Garza, Karl Havlak, Elisabeth Riggs, Peter White
abstractpaper.pdf Elements of Cyber College Geometry for Elementary School Teachers12C012
 Tatyana Flesher, Leonid Knizhnik
abstractpaper.pdf Global Warming - Should We Worry?12P004
 Terry L. Kiser
abstractpaper.pdf Implicit Differentiation on the TI-92+ Calculator as an Illustration of Some Powerful Programming Features12C016
 John Alexopoulos
abstractpaper.pdf Issues on Problem Solving: Drawing Implications For a Techno-Mathematics Curriculum at the Collegiate Level12C030
 Auxencia A. Limjap
abstractpaper.pdf Logic via Computer Programming12C027
 Agnes A. Wieschenberg
abstractpaper.pdf Microsoft COM for Complex Variables12P012
 G. Boyd Swartz
abstractpaper.pdf Preparing Inservice Middle Grades Teachers to Use the TI-7312C010
 Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco
abstractpaper.html Recognizing a Surface From Different Viewpoints: Results From a Questionnaire Item and Task-Based Interviews12C026
 Teri J. Murphy
abstractpaper.pdf Solving a Nonlinear Optimization Problem Using Excel12C023
 Revathi Narasimhan
abstractpaper.pdf Spreadsheet Mathematics for Five Year Olds12C032
 Diane Crann, Carol Pepper
abstractpaper.pdf Using Matlab in a Multivariable Calculus Course12C021
 Mark D. Schlatter
abstractpaper.pdf Using NET-TUTOR for Conducting Online Interactive Office Hours12C017
 Arun K. Verma
abstractpaper.pdf Using StarLogo to Introduce Differential Equations12C018
 Philip Anderson, Carl R. Seaquist
abstractpaper.pdf Using the TI-92+ Calculator as a Tool for Illustrating Programming Concepts12C015
 Paul Abraham
abstractpaper.pdf Visual Linear Algebra: Web-Based Exploration Applets12C007
 Bruce Elenbogen, David A. James, Michael Lachance
abstractpaper.html WeBWorK - Math Homework on the Web12P003
 Michael E. Gage, Arnold K. Pizer