Papers from ICTCM-10 arranged by title

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abstractpaper.pdf An Advanced Mathematics Classroom/Laboratory10P011
 Larry E. Mansfield
abstractpaper.html Animated Demonstrations for Multivariable Calculus10C009
 John F. Putz
abstractpaper.pdf Calculator/Geometry Strategies for Understanding Properties of x^(m/n)10P006
 John J. Edgell
abstractpaper.pdf Calculator/Geometry Strategies for Understanding x^(m/n)10C035
 John J. Edgell, Michael J. Brown
abstractpaper.pdf Calculators, Attitudes, and Success10C019
 Brian R. O'Callaghan
abstractpaper.pdf Chaos and Fractals on the TI Graphing Calculator10C027
 Linda Sundbye
abstractpaper.pdf College Algebra with Interactive Computer Software10C016
 Margo Alexander
abstractpaper.pdf Cubic Equations - Their Presence, Importance and Applications in the Age of Technology10C003
 Robert Kreczner
abstractpaper.pdf Developing Shading Functions for Surfaces using Mathematica10C011
 Randy Westhoff
abstractpaper.pdf Hard Calculus Problems Made Easy by the TI-92 Calculator10C008
 David F. Appleyard
abstractpaper.html 'Instant Insanity' meets Computer Algebra!10C031
 Suda Kunyosying
abstractpaper.html Intelligent Help at Every Step: The Impossible Mathematical Dream?10P013
 John C. Miller
abstractpaper.html Interactive Calculus Laboratories Using Maple V10C006
 Shari Prevost
abstractpaper.pdf Let's Talk: Using Conferencing Software in Mathematics Courses10C046
 Paul K. Swets
abstractpaper.html Mathematics with Spreadsheets10P007
 Bahram Golshan
abstractpaper.pdf Retention and Attitudes Toward Mathematics and Computers: Their Relationship with Using Computers in Introductory College Mathematics Courses10C015
 Jacci White
abstractpaper.pdf TangentField: A tool for 'webbing' the learning of differential equations10P008
 Margaret James, Phillip Kent, Phil Ramsden
abstractpaper.pdf Using Mathematica in a Course on Number Theory10P009
 Kenneth Kramer
abstractpaper.pdf Using Toolbook II to Create Graphing Calculator Instruction10C026
 Gary M. Lawler
abstractpaper.html Velocity Profile of a Particle Moving on an Irregular Pathway With Friction Using a Computer Algebra System10C007
 Charles B. Wakefield