Papers from ICTCM-7 arranged by title

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abstract  A Laboratory Course in Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students07P011
 Holly Hirst
abstractpaper.txt A Pilot Study of a Modified Distance Learning Technique for Use in an Introductory Managerial Statistics Course07C001
 Elinor M. Madigan, Robert H. Forsman
abstract  An Advanced Mathematics Course Using Mathematica and TEX07P009
 Sidney Graham
abstractpaper.pdf An Algebraic Approach to the Immutability of the Slope of a Line07C009
 Julia S. Roman
abstractpaper.pdf CAI in Precalculus07C004
 Bob Tilidetzke
abstract  Calculator Enhanced Instruction Project by a Consortium of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Educational Institutions07P013
 Jean Lane
abstract  Calculus, Concepts, Computers and Cooperative Learning (The Purdue Calculus Reform Project)07P015
 David Mathews, Ed Dubinsky, Keith Schwingendorf
abstractpaper.pdf Chaos in the Classroom07C029
 Joe Yanik
abstractpaper.pdf Coffee, Tea, or Not? A Model Based on Newton's Law of Cooling07C023
 Elizabeth Yanik
abstract  Computer Enhanced Calculus at the University of Connecticut07P026
 W. J. Wickless
abstract  Computers Across the Curriculum07P018
 Paul Nugent, Rahim Elghanmi
abstractpaper.pdf Computers in Mathematics Education - An Experience07C015
 Ana I. Rosendo, Jaime Carvalho e Silva
abstractpaper.pdf Dimension of Maximum Volume07C033
 Robert Kreczner
abstractpaper.pdf Examples of Graphing Calculator Use in Calculus I07C019
 George Emese
abstract  Faculty Training in Visual Basic Application to Teach Mathematics07P023
 G. Boyd Swartz
abstractpaper.pdf Families of Linear Functions and Their Envelopes07C030
 Steve Ligh, Randall G. Wills
abstractpaper.pdf Finding Derivatives Without the Notion of Limits07C010
 D. Reginald Traylor, Julia S. Roman
abstractpaper.pdf Graphing and Visualization in the College Algebra Classroom07C003
 Margo Alexander
abstractpaper.pdf Interactive Laboratories for Teaching Applied Mathematics07C032
 Shishen Xie
abstract  Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects (ILAPs) Bringing Relevance to Mathematics07P025
 Richard D. West, Joseph D. Myers
abstractpaper.pdf Iteration in First Semester Calculus07C017
 James A. Walsh
abstractpaper.pdf Linear Algebra and the TI-8507C035
 Raj K. Markanda
abstract  Maple Labs for Calculus III07P001
 Roger L. Angevine
abstractpaper.txt MapleCalc07C016
 John J. Avioli
abstract  Maricopa Mathematics Consortium (M2C) An NSF Grant07P008
 Anne Dudley, David Dudley
abstractpaper.html Mathcad Activities on Infinite Series and Taylor Polynomials07C021
 Przemyslaw Bogacki
abstract  MathCAD Plus 5.0 In an Introductory Linear Algebra Course07P003
 Przemyslaw Bogacki
abstract  Mathematica Labs for Probability Theory07P024
 Peter Tannenbaum
abstract  Mathematica Notebooks for Introductory Calculus07P020
 Ed Packel
abstractpaper.pdf Meshing Meaningful Student Projects into a Fairly Traditional Calculus Course07C018
 Kemble Yates
abstractpaper.pdf Modified Integration with MAPLE07C025
 Wei-Chi Yang
abstractpaper.pdf Motivating Mathematical Understanding via Surprises on the TI-8507C027
 Bruce Edwards
abstract  NEWTON: A Computational Environment for Exploring Mathematics07P012
 Edmund A. Lamagna
abstractpaper.pdf Obtaining Software and Other Teaching Materials by e-mail07C013
 Lawrence S. Husch
abstract  Report on the NSF Institute Calculus Using Computer Algebra Systems07P004
 Darrell H. Abney, Chris Christensen, Larry Gilligan
abstractpaper.pdf Secondary School Technology Mentors07C014
 James Kulich
abstract  Sensitivity Analysis and Linear Programming Using MAPLE, DERIVE, and the TI-8207P014
 Susan Lenker, Dorothy Anway, Susan McLoughlin
abstractpaper.pdf Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming Using a Calculator07C034
 Judith Aronow, Richard D. Jarvinen
abstractpaper.pdf Should We Be Concerned About Roundoff Error?07C024
 Anthony P. Leclerc
abstractpaper.pdf Some Interesting Examples of the Use of Computer Algebra Systems in Introductory Courses07C028
 Abi Fattahi
abstract  Statistics and Probability Interactive07P006
 Vince DeBlase, Sharon Wagner
abstract  Surfaces07P010
 Alfred Gray
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching Statistics to Students with Limited Language Skill Using MINITAB07C012
 Eunmee Koh
abstractpaper.txt Technology and the Mature Department07C002
 Augusta Schurrer, Diane Mitchell
abstract  Technology in Mathematics07P005
 Gary G. Cochell, Atul N. Roy, Sanjay K. Rai
abstract  The Geometry Forum07P022
 Susan Ross
abstract  The Graphics Calculator as a Teaching and Learning Tool in Precalculus07P016
 Tania M. McDuffie
abstract  The Impact of the Graphic Calculator on the Mathematics Curriculum07P002
 Hilary Ballantine
abstract  The Rule of Four in a Technology-Enhanced Precalculus Course07P021
 Lynn Foshee Reed, Susan Hagen
abstractpaper.pdf The Use of Group Research Project and Cooperative Learning in Calculus07C006
 Mohammad H. Ahmadi
abstract  The Video Applications Library: Calculus at the Movies07P019
 David H. Olwell
abstractpaper.pdf Trigonometric Representation of [x]07C026
 David Fung, Steve Ligh
abstractpaper.pdf Twelve Practical Ideas for the Use of the TI-82 in the Second-Term Calculus Course07C020
 Carl R. Spitznagel
abstractpaper.pdf Understanding Exponential Growth with Technology07C008
 Jaime Carvalho e Silva
abstractpaper.pdf Understanding Taylor's Theorem with the TI-8507C022
 Gary H. Ford
abstractpaper.html Using a Calculator to Do mathematics: Do You Want a Map or Just Directions?07C005
 Richard E. Little
abstractpaper.pdf Using MINITAB to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills07C011
 Cathleen M. Zucco
abstractpaper.pdf Using Spreadsheets and DERIVE to Teach Differential Equations07C031
 Kathleen Shannon
abstractpaper.pdf Using Technology as a Tool in Abstract Algebra and Calculus Courses: The MTSU Experience07C007
 Vatsala Krishnamani, Dovie Kimmins
abstract  Using Television to Model Professional Development in the Use of Technology for Math, Science, and Engineering Instruction07P007
 Robert M. Devine
abstract  WrightCalc/CalcE The Wright State Calculus Laboratory Project07P017
 Richard Mercer