Papers from ICTCM-1 arranged by title

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 paper.pdf A Better (Differential Equations) Mousetrap01A190
 Larry E. Knop
 paper.pdf A General Education Course: Mathematics, BASIC Programming, and Computer Literacy01A224
 Jerry W. Phillips
 paper.pdf A Method to Teach Number Theory Using a Computer01A122
 Chris K. Caldwell
 paper.pdf A Special Calculus Course at UNL01A154
 J. A. Eidswick
 paper.pdf Adapting the Maple Computer Algebra System to the Mathematics Curriculum01A012
 J. S. Devitt
 paper.pdf Algebraic, Graphical, and Numerical Computing in Elementary Calculus: Report of a Project at St. Olaf College01A092
 Paul Zorn
 paper.pdf An Experiment to Evaluate a Calculus CAI Package01A186
 Mark J. Kiemele
 paper.pdf An Introduction to Mathematica01A087
 Stephen Wolfram
 paper.pdf Calculus and a Computational Laboratory01A193
 Ernest J. Manfred, George Rezendes
 paper.pdf Calculus&Mathematica: Background and Future01A071
 Horacio Porta, J. J. Uhl
 paper.pdf Calculus, Technology, NSF and the Future01A055
 John W. Kenelly
 paper.pdf Can We 'Boot-up' Mathematics and Remain Professionally Honest?01A251
 Larry E. Sherwood
 paper.pdf Changes in Pedagogy and Testing When Using Technologies in College-Level Mathematics Courses01A040
 John G. Harvey
 paper.pdf College Algebra in a Liberal Arts Curriculum01A194
 James E. Mann
 paper.pdf Computation Errors and the Calculus Student01A247
 Peter Shenkin
 paper.pdf Computer Graph Analysis01A287
 Agnes Wieschenberg
 paper.pdf Computer Use in Calculus at WPI01A174
 W. J. Hardell, J. J. Malone
 paper.pdf Computers-in-Calculus: an Experiment at the University of Michigan-Dearborn01A162
 John Frederick Fink, Margret Hoeft, David A. James
 paper.pdf Conceptual vrs. Procedural Knowledge in Introductory Calculus - Programming Effects01A274
 Frederic W. Tufte
 paper.pdf cT - Not Just Another Language01A282
 Russell C. Walker
 paper.pdf Curriculum Changes in Calculus for Scientists and Engineers01A138
 J. M. Anthony Danby
 paper.pdf Effect of Computer Graphic Use on Student Understanding of Calculus Concepts01A104
 Charlene E. Beckmann
 paper.pdf EPIC01A118
 James Burgmeier, Larry Kost
 paper.pdf Integrating Graphing Calculators, PC Software, and Symbol Manipulators into a Calculus Lab01A146
 Robert Decker, John Williams
 paper.pdf Linear Algebra using Spreadsheets01A232
 V. S. Ramamurthi
 paper.pdf Live Interactive Teleclasses: Tuning in on Remote Learners01A096
 Hollis Adams
 paper.pdf M. A. R. V. Method for Enhancing High School Mathematics01A264
 Marvin Stotz
 paper.pdf MATHPERT: An Expert System for Learning Mathematics01A108
 Michael J. Beeson
 paper.pdf Nonlinear Differential Equations with Mathematica01A210
 T. D. Morley
 paper.pdf On the Use of Computer Technology to Teach Mathematics and Computer Science at a Small Black College01A178
 Andrew Hugine, Manuel Keepler
 paper.pdf Research on Reading and Interpreting Computer Generated Graphs Using Eye-Tracking Technology01A278
 Charles Vonder Embse
 paper.pdf Rubik Algebra01A170
 Charles G. Flemming, Judy D. Halchin
 paper.pdf Some muMATH Activities with Large Classes of Differential Equations and Linear Algebra01A182
 Jerry Johnson
 paper.pdf Story Problem Analysis System01A272
 Paul Thompson
 paper.pdf Student Centered Design for Educational Software01A133
 Jere Confrey, Erick Smith
 paper.pdf Teaching Calculus with Macsyma01A142
 A. Darai
 paper.pdf Teaching Numerical Analysis in a Small College Environment01A291
 Daniel S. Yates
 paper.pdf Teaching Simple Linear Regression Using the Casio fx-7000G Calculator01A166
 Michael B. Fiske
 paper.pdf Technology in Differential Equations01A218
 Henry C. Nixt
 paper.pdf Testing with Technology01A150
 Gloria S. Dion
 paper.pdf Testing, Teaching and Technology01A060
 Alan Osborne
 paper.pdf The Computer/Calculator Precalculus (C2PC) Project and Levels of Graphical Understanding01A114
 Christine Browning
 paper.pdf The Effect of Technology on Teaching College Mathematics01A078
 Anthony Ralston
 paper.pdf The EL-5200 Graphic Scientific Calculator: Precalculus-Teacher-Generated Curriculum Ideas01A268
 David L. Stout
 paper.pdf The Electronic Spreadsheet in Calculus01A255
 Samuel W. Spero
 paper.pdf The Emergence of a Mathematics Laboratory01A243
 Lester Senechal
 paper.pdf The Impact of Computer Programming on Teaching Collegiate Mathematics01A228
 Boris D. Rakover
 paper.pdf The Instructional Use of Simulation of Random Experiments01A202
 James M. Meehan
 paper.pdf The Mathematics Learning Resource Center at Oklahoma State University01A126
 Pamala Cemen, Jerry Johnson
 paper.pdf The Natural Language Mathematics Testing System01A236
 Peter Rice
 paper.pdf The Pilot 'Calculus with Computers' Course at Appalachian State University01A100
 Wm. C. Bauldry
 paper.pdf The Twilight of Paper-and-Pencil: Undergraduate Mathematics at the End of the Century01A083
 Thomas W. Tucker
 paper.pdf The Use of Spreadsheets in Finite Mathematics01A129
 Stephen D. Comer
 paper.pdf Two and Three Dimensional BASIC Graphics Programming and Its Uses01A214
 Umesh P. Nagarkatte, Shailaja U. Nagarkatte
 paper.pdf Using Computer Algebra Systems in Calculus01A068
 Jeanette Palmiter
 paper.pdf Using Computer Graphing Software as an Aid in Teaching Maxima-Minima Problems01A113
 Dona V. Boccio
 paper.pdf Using Computer Graphing to Enhance the Teaching and Learning of Calculus and Precalculus Mathematics01A001
 Franklin Demana, Bert K. Waits
 paper.pdf Using Computers to Teach Series and Differential Equations01A206
 Emily H. Moore
 paper.pdf Using Hand-Held Graphing Computers in College Mathematics01A028
 Gregory D. Foley
 paper.pdf Using Micro Computer Support for a Curriculum Management Plan in a JTPA Basic Education Program01A286
 Gerald L. White
 paper.pdf Using Numerical and Graphical Techniques to Teach Infinite Series01A223
 Arnold Ostebee
 paper.pdf Using PHASER in Ordinary Differential Equations01A295
 Lee L. Zia
 paper.pdf Using Technology to Implement a Constructivist Approach to Calculus and Abstract Algebra01A239
 John Selden, Annie Selden
 paper.pdf Using the Computer in Freshman Calculus01A198
 John Masterson
 paper.pdf Using the Group Experience Stack in a Modern Algebra Course01A158
 Arnold Feldman, Marjolein de Wit
 paper.pdf 'Zooming In' on a Graphing Calculator01A260
 Alan Stickney