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abstractpaper.pdf An Algebraic Approach to the Immutability of the Slope of a Line07C009
 Julia S. Roman
abstractpaper.pdf Connecting Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Calculus with the TI-89/Voyage 20017W003
 Mary Ann Connors
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Polar Coordinates with Geometer's Sketchpad20S075
 Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel
abstractpaper.pdf From Pythagoras to Pick Using Technology: Excerpts from a Mathematics Teacher Education Course16S103
 Andrew Brantlinger, Sergei Abramovich
abstractpaper.pdf Java Applets for Trigonometry16S061
 Michael Mays
abstractpaper.pdf Let's Visualize the Differentiation of the Trigonometry Through the Mathematical Activity Using a CBL20S036
 Shin Watanabe
abstractpaper.pdf Mathematical Modeling of a Snowstorm and a Galaxy Using JavaScript and Flash18S102
 Paul Bouthellier
abstractpaper.html Mathematics with Spreadsheets10P007
 Bahram Golshan
 paper.pdf Strategy for Graphing Trigonometric Functions Using Mapping & Superposition26S131
 Marwan Zabdawi
abstractpaper.pdf The Magic Calculator and The Sine Addition Formula11C026
 Bryan Dorner
abstractpaper.pdf Trigonometric Representation of [x]07C026
 David Fung, Steve Ligh
abstractpaper.pdf Using the TI-82 and TI-85 Graphing Calculators to Learn About Angles08C095
 Scott P. Randby
abstractpaper.pdf Why Did You Cut Your Couch in Half?21S107
 Lisa A. Lister