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abstractpaper.pdf An Optimal Computer Facility Location17S037
 William P. Fox, William H. Richardson, Jr.
abstractpaper.pdf Comparison of NLP Search Methods in Nonlinear Optimization Using MAPLE16S018
 William P. Fox, William H. Richardson
abstractpaper.pdf Game Theory and Optimization via Excel22S070
 William P. Fox
abstractpaper.pdf Optimization in Mathematics17S092
 William P. Fox
 paper.pdf Optimization with Technology in a Multivariable Calculus Course17S892
 William H. Richardson, Jr.
abstractpaper.pdf Solving a Nonlinear Optimization Problem Using Excel12C023
 Revathi Narasimhan
abstractpaper.pdf Use of a Colony of Cooperating Agents and Maple to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem13C039
 Bruno Guerrieri
 paper.pdf VBA Programming Techniques in Operations Research26S075
 David Nawrocki