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abstractpaper.pdf Jr.: An Alternative to GSP18W001
 Judy O'Neal
abstractpaper.pdf Assessing the Efficacy of Mobile Computing Platforms in Mathematics Education Via a Mobile Learning Usability Scale26S001
 John Ehrke
abstract  Calculator Enhanced Instruction Project by a Consortium of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Educational Institutions07P013
 Jean Lane
abstractpaper.pdf Calculator/Geometry Strategies for Understanding x^(m/n)10C035
 John J. Edgell, Michael J. Brown
abstractpaper.pdf Calculators, Attitudes, and Success10C019
 Brian R. O'Callaghan
abstractpaper.pdf Chaos and Fractals on the TI Graphing Calculator10C027
 Linda Sundbye
abstractpaper.pdf Coffee, Tea, or Not? A Model Based on Newton's Law of Cooling07C023
 Elizabeth Yanik
abstractpaper.txt College Algebra, Learning Support, and Technology: What is the connection?08C049
 Margo Alexander
abstractpaper.pdf Connecting Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Calculus with the TI-89/Voyage 20017W003
 Mary Ann Connors
abstractpaper.pdf Demos with Positive Impact: A Project to Connect Mathematics Instructors with Effective Teaching Tools14P003
 David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts
abstractpaper.pdf Demos with Positive Impact: A Tool in the Student Centered Classroom14C027
 David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts
abstractpaper.pdf Descartes Visits Wall Street And Meets The TI-84+ SE: A Financial Journey17W008
 Donna M. Christy
abstractpaper.pdf Examination of Data on Global Warming Using Graphing Calculators20S021
 Jim Roberts
abstractpaper.pdf Examples of Graphing Calculator Use in Calculus I07C019
 George Emese
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Optimization in Calculus-Student Projects in Finding Absolute Extrema on a Closed Interval Domain13P003
 Barbara L. Power
abstractpaper.pdf Find out the Mathematical Ability of Students with Graphic Calculator18S092
 Shin Watanabe
abstractpaper.pdf Finding Derivatives Without the Notion of Limits07C010
 D. Reginald Traylor, Julia S. Roman
abstractpaper.pdf Fractals for the Classroom on Calculators and Computers15C019
 Brian R. O'Callaghan
abstractpaper.pdf Graphics Calculator Applications on 4 - D Constructs09C047
 John J. Edgell
abstractpaper.pdf Graphics Calculator Applications to Maximum and Minimum Problems on Geometric Constructs08C092
 John J. Edgell, Michael J. Brown
abstractpaper.pdf Graphing and Visualization in the College Algebra Classroom07C003
 Margo Alexander
abstractpaper.pdf How to make tests for students that are using CAS tool (TI89)13C032
 Bengt Ahlander
abstractpaper.pdf Integrating Applications, Modeling, and Technology into a 'College Algebra in Context' Course18S087
 Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco
 paper.pdf Integrating Graphing Calculators, PC Software, and Symbol Manipulators into a Calculus Lab01A146
 Robert Decker, John Williams
 paper.pdf Integrating Instructional Technology Into Elementary Teacher Preparation15S073
 Michael Wismer
 paper.pdf Integrating the Cassiopeia into the Mathematics Curriculum15S032
 Lucy Kabza, Randy Wills
abstractpaper.html Let Me Show You How: Graphing Calculators Online15C011
 Vivian J. Zabrocki
abstractpaper.pdf Linear Algebra and the TI-8507C035
 Raj K. Markanda
abstractpaper.pdf Mathematical Modeling with the Support of TI's Sequence Mode with Suggestions for Using Excel18W006
 Kenneth C. Wolff
abstractpaper.pdf Meshing Meaningful Student Projects into a Fairly Traditional Calculus Course07C018
 Kemble Yates
abstractpaper.pdf Motivating Mathematical Understanding via Surprises on the TI-8507C027
 Bruce Edwards
abstractpaper.pdf My Student Knows the Mathematics, But Has Never Used the Graphing Calculator16S135
 Teresa McCullough
abstractpaper.pdf Personalizing Derivatives and Antiderivatives with Geometer's Sketchpad, a CBR and A TI-8417S093
 Judy O'Neal
abstractpaper.pdf Preparing Inservice Middle Grades Teachers to Use the TI-7312C010
 Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco
abstractpaper.pdf Promoting Multiple Representations in Calculus: Examining Student Use of the Graphing Calculator14C014
 Nina R. Girard
abstractpaper.pdf Rumors and Flu and New Products, Oh My! Logistic Model to the Rescue!18W003
 Donna M. Christy
abstractpaper.pdf Secondary School Technology Mentors07C014
 James Kulich
abstractpaper.pdf Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming Using a Calculator07C034
 Judith Aronow, Richard D. Jarvinen
abstractpaper.pdf Shortcomings and Misuses of Technology (Maple, TI Calculators) in Undergraduate Mathematics16S120
 Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben
abstractpaper.pdf Simplex: Artificial Variables with TI-89 or Voyage 20017C015
 Hernan Rivera
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching and Learning Business Calculus Through Technology17S052
 William L. Blubaugh
 paper.pdf Teaching Simple Linear Regression Using the Casio fx-7000G Calculator01A166
 Michael B. Fiske
abstractpaper.pdf Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Statistics20S118
 Lawrence M. Lesser, Randall Groth
abstractpaper.pdf Technology-driven Investigations for Intermediate Algebra for Business Majors21S083
 Wendiann Sethi
 paper.pdf The EL-5200 Graphic Scientific Calculator: Precalculus-Teacher-Generated Curriculum Ideas01A268
 David L. Stout
abstract  The Graphics Calculator as a Teaching and Learning Tool in Precalculus07P016
 Tania M. McDuffie
abstract  The Impact of the Graphic Calculator on the Mathematics Curriculum07P002
 Hilary Ballantine
abstractpaper.pdf The Next Generation of Handhelds - From Graphing Calculator to Microworld Maker20S025
 Thomas P. Dick
abstractpaper.pdf The Role of Graphing Calculators in Students' Approaches to Solving Calculus Problems15C009
 Nina R. Girard
abstractpaper.pdf The Role of the Graphic Calculator in Mathematical Education17S119
 Shin Watanabe
abstractpaper.pdf 'Tired of the Same Old Test Questions?' Incorporating Graphing Technology Into Assessment17C001
 Lorrie Joubert, Sharon Clark
abstractpaper.pdf Towards a Pedagogical CAS23W003
 G. T. Springer
abstractpaper.pdf Training In-service and Pre-service Teachers in the Use of Technology08C085
 Ronald J. Harshbarger
abstractpaper.pdf Twelve Practical Ideas for the Use of the TI-82 in the Second-Term Calculus Course07C020
 Carl R. Spitznagel
abstractpaper.pdf Understanding Exponential Growth with Technology07C008
 Jaime Carvalho e Silva
abstractpaper.pdf Understanding Taylor's Theorem with the TI-8507C022
 Gary H. Ford
abstractpaper.html Using a Calculator to Do mathematics: Do You Want a Map or Just Directions?07C005
 Richard E. Little
abstractpaper.pdf Using Graphing Calculators to Enhance Students Understanding of the Formal Definition of Limits17S122
 Antonio R. Quesada, Richard L. Einsporn, Muserref Wiggins
abstractpaper.pdf Using Graphing Calculators to Motivate Students in a Calculus Course08C037
 Mingzhi Xu
 paper.pdf Using Hand-Held Graphing Computers in College Mathematics01A028
 Gregory D. Foley
abstractpaper.pdf Using Internet Applets, GSP, and Other Representations to Increase Student Understanding of the Geometric Mean18S005
 James R. Olsen, Dan Gustafson
abstractpaper.pdf Using Technology to Teach Mathematics Topics Foundational to Calculus at Secondary Level18S023
 Antonio R. Quesada
abstractpaper.pdf Using Toolbook II to Create Graphing Calculator Instruction10C026
 Gary M. Lawler
 paper.pdf 'Zooming In' on a Graphing Calculator01A260
 Alan Stickney