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abstractpaper.pdf A Common Calculus Laboratory Course for Traditional Calculus and Biocalculus Students18S034
 Timothy D. Comar, Lisa Townsley
abstractpaper.txt A Modern Approach to Differential Equations08C055
 Martha L. Abell, James P. Braselton
abstractpaper.pdf A Spiral Approach to Problems in Linear Algebra: Computer Laboratories13C017
 Bruce Elenbogen, David A. James, Michael Lachance
abstractpaper.pdf An Advanced Mathematics Classroom/Laboratory10P011
 Larry E. Mansfield
abstractpaper.pdf Calculus Computer Laboratory: Experience Guiding Current Practice18C006
 Joel P. Lehmann
abstractpaper.pdf College Algebra with Interactive Computer Software10C016
 Margo Alexander
abstract  Computer Enhanced Calculus at the University of Connecticut07P026
 W. J. Wickless
abstractpaper.pdf Computer Laboratory Implementation Issues at a Small Liberal Arts College09C051
 Richard A. Weida
abstract  Computers Across the Curriculum07P018
 Paul Nugent, Rahim Elghanmi
abstractpaper.pdf Designing a Computer Classroom12P014
 Mike May
abstractpaper.pdf Interactive Labs for Introductory Statistics Courses18C012
 A. Bathi Kasturiarachi
abstract  Maple Labs for Calculus III07P001
 Roger L. Angevine
abstract  Mathematica Labs for Probability Theory07P024
 Peter Tannenbaum
abstractpaper.pdf Mathematical Laboratory Experience: Value Added, Not Just an Add-on20C029
 Joel P. Lehmann
abstractpaper.pdf Retention and Attitudes Toward Mathematics and Computers: Their Relationship with Using Computers in Introductory College Mathematics Courses10C015
 Jacci White
 paper.pdf The Emergence of a Mathematics Laboratory01A243
 Lester Senechal
 paper.pdf The Mathematics Learning Resource Center at Oklahoma State University01A126
 Pamala Cemen, Jerry Johnson
abstractpaper.pdf The Wireless Network In the Mathematical Classroom: One Year Later16C011
 Tyge Rugenstein, Elizabeth Schott, Kerry Fields
abstractpaper.pdf Using ALEKS in a Developmental Modularized Math Lab25S085
 Natalie Simmons
 paper.pdf Using Technology to Enhance the Classroom Environment in State of the Art Classroom15P104
 Lawrence E. Levine
abstractpaper.html Using Technology to Facilitate Student Access to Mathematics Programs11C039
 David A. James, Tim McKenna, Ronald Morash, Joan Remski