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chaos and fractals

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abstractpaper.pdf A Technology-Enhanced Fractal/Chaos Course17C021
 Taeil Yi
abstractpaper.pdf Can Technology Help Predict the Dynamics of Student Attitudes Toward Mathematics?16S104
 Zaur Berkaliev
abstractpaper.pdf Chaos and Fractals on the TI Graphing Calculator10C027
 Linda Sundbye
abstractpaper.pdf Chaos in the Classroom07C029
 Joe Yanik
abstractpaper.pdf Describing Mathematical Figures with Metapost17C063
 Jeffrey Clark
abstractpaper.pdf Determining an Iterated Function System Interactively09C029
 Mark R. Treuden
abstractpaper.pdf Fractals for the Classroom on Calculators and Computers15C019
 Brian R. O'Callaghan
 paper.pdf The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project15A001
 Robert Devaney