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abstractpaper.pdf A Comparative Technology Course For the Prospective Elementary School Teacher08C087
 Gary A. Harris
abstractpaper.pdf A Comprehensive Online Mathematics Assessment, Placement and Exit Testing Program15C056
 Jerry Johnson
 paper.pdf A Crash Course in Testing and Assessment17A006
 G. Donald Allen
abstractpaper.pdf A Graph Theory Approach to Reducing Test Length28A037
 Aaron Carl Smith
abstractpaper.pdf A Model for Computer-based Assessment and Remediation: Intermediate Algebra Through Calculus20S039
 Marsha Davis, Salvatrice F. Keating, Christian Yankov
abstractpaper.pdf A Variety of Options Can Help Students Succeed in Math23S104
 Susan Beane
abstractpaper.pdf Administering And Customizing Prerequisite Diagnostic Quizzes19M005
 Przemyslaw Bogacki, Gordon Melrose
abstractpaper.pdf An Elementary/Higher Education Partnership: Assessing Students Mathematics Knowledge Through Technology28A008
 Caroline Johnson Caswell, Elisa Rivera
 paper.pdf Analysis Of Web-Based Assignment Data Reveals Studying Habits28A029
 Filippo Posta, Jonah Beaumont
 paper.pdf Assessing MathSkills Using the Web: 100 Marks Are Not Enough!15S172
 Jeff Waldock, Harry Gretton, Neil Challis
abstractpaper.pdf Assessment: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?12C099
 Harry Gretton, Neil Challis
abstractpaper.pdf Bring Us Your Tired, Your Poor Test Questions19C001
 Katrina B. Freeman, Lorrie B. Joubert, Ellen G. Stutes
abstractpaper.pdf CAI in Precalculus07C004
 Bob Tilidetzke
abstractpaper.pdf Calculus Prerequisite Diagnostic Quizzes and Tutorials with ThomsonNOW18S042
 Przemyslaw Bogacki
abstractpaper.pdf Calculus Readiness Assessment and Remediation Using Maple T.A.18S123
 Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis
abstractpaper.pdf Calculus Readiness Assessment And Remediation Using Maple T.A.19S051
 Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis
 paper.pdf Changes in Pedagogy and Testing When Using Technologies in College-Level Mathematics Courses01A040
 John G. Harvey
abstractpaper.pdf Comparing Partial-credit Graded Examinations and an End-of-semester Bonus Quiz for Computerized Examinations21S093
 Eddie Fuller, Marjorie Darrah, David Miller
abstractpaper.pdf Confusion Theory for Pedagogical Decisions27A003
 G. Donald Allen, Dianne Goldsby
 paper.pdf Developing Assessment Items Using WebCT15S117
 Margo Alexander, Jean Bevis, Draga Vidakovic
abstractpaper.pdf Developing Habits of Mind in the Core Mathematics Program28A033
 Thomas Nelson, Michael D. Seminelli
abstractpaper.pdf Electronic Math Education Portfolios In A Mathematics Methods Course19S022
 Carol A. Marinas, Joseph M. Furner
 paper.pdf Engaging and Assessing Students with Educational Mobile Platform Tools28A024
 Matthew D. Mogensen, Patrick L. Brundage
abstractpaper.pdf Gateway Skills Review and Assessment - a Homebrewed Interactive Program18S081
 Richard Penn
abstractpaper.pdf Good Test Problems for Calculus Courses that Require the TI-89 Graphing Calculator22S061
 Mako E. Haruta
abstractpaper.pdf High Stakes Testing Using WebAssign24M010
 Lisa Townsley
abstractpaper.pdf How to make tests for students that are using CAS tool (TI89)13C032
 Bengt Ahlander
 paper.pdf Implementation of Web-Based Adaptive Learning Software28A030
 Robert I. Puhak
abstractpaper.pdf Improving Student Success Can Be As Simple As 1-2-321S088
 Susan Beane
abstractpaper.pdf Interactive Mathematics Quizmaker and the Online Mathematics Placement Exams17S023
 Diem M. Nguyen, G. Donald Allen
abstractpaper.pdf MATHSKILLS16C038
 Harry Gretton, Neil Challis
abstractpaper.pdf Multilevel Alternating Teaching and Assessment in Web-enhanced Environment23S087
 Alexander Vaninsky
abstractpaper.pdf Online Mathematics Assessment using Maple T.A. at Eastern Connecticut State University21S079
 Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis, Christian Yankov
abstractpaper.pdf Online Readiness Testing and Assessment18R009
 Jerry Johnson, Jeff Mortensen
abstractpaper.pdf Pre Session ICTCM 2004: All About Assessment17A001
 Sharon Sledge
abstractpaper.pdf Projects for Assessment in Gen. Ed. Math22S051
 Joseph Sukta
abstractpaper.pdf Real-Life Projects for Student Assessment in General Education Mathematics20S059
 Joseph Sukta
abstractpaper.pdf Recontextualizing Bloom's Taxonomy: Quantitative Measures in Formative Curriculum Assessments and Program Evaluations28A010
 Anthony Clemons, Aaron Smith
abstractpaper.pdf Statcrunch Groups: Embedding Activities for Exploration and Assessment26S098
 Carrie E.A. Grant
abstractpaper.pdf Step Towards Globalization of Mathematics Placement Procedure18S113
 Hisaya Tsutsui
 paper.pdf Story Problem Analysis System01A272
 Paul Thompson
abstractpaper.html Teaching and Assessing Intermediate Algebra Students Online Using WebCTM16C006
 Alicia Giovinazzo
abstractpaper.pdf Technology-enhanced Feedback and Engagement in Teaching Calculus21S063
 Richard Jenson
abstractpaper.pdf Testing Unfairness - Mathematics and Simulations28A004
 G. Donald Allen, Dianne Goldsby, Sandra Nite
 paper.pdf Testing with Technology01A150
 Gloria S. Dion
 paper.pdf Testing, Teaching and Technology01A060
 Alan Osborne
abstractpaper.pdf The Acrotex Online Assessment System17S056
 D. P. Story
 paper.pdf The Natural Language Mathematics Testing System01A236
 Peter Rice
abstractpaper.pdf The Role of E-Assessment in Mathematics22S093
 Douglas Quinney
abstractpaper.pdf 'Tired of the Same Old Test Questions?' Incorporating Graphing Technology Into Assessment17C001
 Lorrie Joubert, Sharon Clark
abstractpaper.pdf Uniform Assessment of Precalculus Skills Using WebAssign22S003
 Lisa Townsley
abstractpaper.pdf Using Fundamental Skills Exams in Core Technical Classes at the United States Air Force Academy18C036
 James S. Rolf, Andrew X. Richardson
 paper.pdf Using Micro Computer Support for a Curriculum Management Plan in a JTPA Basic Education Program01A286
 Gerald L. White
abstractpaper.pdf Using Technology as a Tool in Abstract Algebra and Calculus Courses: The MTSU Experience07C007
 Vatsala Krishnamani, Dovie Kimmins
abstractpaper.pdf Using Technology to Make New Assessment Instruments18S038
 G. Donald Allen, Dianne S. Goldsby
abstractpaper.pdf WEPS Peer Automatic Assessment in Online Math Courses25C025
 Olga Caprotti, Johanna Ojalainen, Matti Pauna, Mika Seppälä