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abstractpaper.pdf A Common Calculus Laboratory Course for Traditional Calculus and Biocalculus Students18S034
 Timothy D. Comar, Lisa Townsley
abstractpaper.pdf A Dynamical System Model of Information Operation Effects22S080
 Michael Jaye, Robert Burks
abstractpaper.pdf A Flash-based Demonstration of Quaternions and Spherical Linear Interpolation21S062
 Paul Bouthellier
abstract  A Mathematica Music Synthesizer16S055
 Alan Horwitz
abstractpaper.pdf A Modeling Extravaganza16S051
 Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hauskneth
abstractpaper.txt A Modern Approach to Differential Equations08C055
 Martha L. Abell, James P. Braselton
abstractpaper.pdf Addressing Math Anxiety in Teaching Mathematics Using Photography and Geogebra26S125
 Joseph M. Furner, Carol A. Marinas
abstractpaper.pdf Adventures in 3D Modeling Using VP ython21S058
 Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo
abstractpaper.pdf Against All Odds: Inside Statistics26S056
 Marsha Davis
abstractpaper.pdf Agent-Based and Community, Modeling, Netlogo and the 2012 Presidential Election25S081
 Frank Wattenberg, Csilla Szabo
abstractpaper.pdf Algorithms and Software Tools for Teaching Mathematical Fundamentals of Computer Security23S062
 Vladimir V. Riabov, Bryan J. Higgs
 paper.pdf Arduino in the Classroom: Classroom Ready Modules for Undergraduate Mathematics28A032
 Michael D. Seminelli
abstractpaper.pdf Bill Clinton, Bertie Ahern, and Digital Signatures (a Maple Based Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography)16S070
 John Cosgrave
abstractpaper.pdf Biocalculus Computer Laboratory Projects: Excel and Maple20M008
 Timothy D. Comar
abstractpaper.pdf Bringing Life (Science) to Calculus Through Computer Laboratory Projects22S101
 Timothy D. Comar
abstractpaper.pdf Calculus Labs for Biology and Pre-Med Students17S044
 Timothy D. Comar
 paper.pdf Can Parking Lots Replace Gas Stations?26S130
 Russell Park, Drew Wilkerson, Frank Wattenberg
abstractpaper.html CBL Activities and Students' Conceptual Knowledge of Functions14C023
 Brenda B. Cates
abstractpaper.pdf Climate Science: Why Mathematicians Should Be Interested25S048
 John R. Bacon, Thomas P. Kendall, Thomas Mussmann, Robert Palais, Victor E. Trujillo, II, Frank Wattenberg
abstractpaper.pdf College Algebra in Context: An Interdisciplinary Approach17S073
 Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco
 paper.pdf Course Blogs and the iPhone: Applications at All Levels of Undergraduate Mathematics22S001
 John Ehrke
abstractpaper.pdf Creating Basic Animations in Matlab20S022
 Katrina Palmer
abstractpaper.pdf Descartes Visits Wall Street And Meets The TI-84+ SE: A Financial Journey17W008
 Donna M. Christy
 paper.pdf Developing Computer Simulations Using Object-Oriented Programming. The Three-Body Problem: A Case Study15S175
 Mike O'Leary, Shiva Azadegan
abstractpaper.pdf Developing Precalculus Concepts in Context17S090
 Marsha Davis
abstractpaper.pdf Direct Estimation of the Area of a Lake and 'Ground Truth' by GPS22C029
 Jay Villanueva
abstractpaper.pdf Discovering the Mathematics of Image Deblurring18S047
 Katrina Palmer
abstractpaper.pdf Electric Circuits and Differential Equations: Audio Data Collection21S110
 Allan Struthers
abstractpaper.pdf Elementary Coding Theory Including Hamming and Reed-Solomon Codes with Maple and Matlab18S054
 Richard Klima, Neil Sigmon
 paper.pdf Elementary Mathematical Models for Guitar Fret Placement15S72A
 Thomas Rutenkroger
 paper.pdf Enigma: An Analysis and Maplet Simulator26S124
 Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon
abstractpaper.pdf Examination of Data on Global Warming Using Graphing Calculators20S021
 Jim Roberts
abstractpaper.pdf Excelling with Biological Models from the Classroom to Research23S046
 Timothy D. Comar
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Algorithms for Effective Applications of the Graph Theory26S086
 Vladimir V. Riabov
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Differential Equations With Mathematica19S024
 Devendra A. Kapadia
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Mathematical Aspects of Algorithms for Challenging Topics in Numerical Analysis25S132
 Vladimir V. Riabov
abstractpaper.pdf Flipping, Clicking, and Group Activities in Business Calculus: Advice for Novices28A028
 Bruce Pollack-Johnson
abstractpaper.pdf Further Maple Explorations of Forbidden Patterns in Coin Tossing22S054
 Joel C. Fowler
abstractpaper.pdf Game Theory and Optimization via Excel22S070
 William P. Fox
abstractpaper.pdf Generating and Modeling Data From Real-World Experiments17S070
 Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht
abstractpaper.pdf Geometry of the Earth and Universe Computer Labs17S113
 Sarah J. Greenwald
abstractpaper.pdf Global Warming - Should We Worry?12P004
 Terry L. Kiser
abstractpaper.pdf Helicopters and Drones: Engaging Mathematics25M011
 John R. Bacon, Bryndol A. Sones, Johann Thiel, Victor E. Trujillo, II, Frank Wattenberg
 paper.pdf How Computers Calculate - Binary Arithmetic and Boolean Logic27A009
 Paul Bouthellier
 paper.pdf How To Draw And Recognize Misreading Graphs Part I28A013
 Aniekan Asukwo Ebiefung
 paper.pdf Identifying People Wearing Wires for Detonation of IEDS22S064
 William P. Fox
 paper.pdf If Newton Had a Spreadsheet Would He Have Developed Calculus?15S054
 Alan Davies, Diane Crann
abstractpaper.pdf Image Processing using Linear Algebra22S014
 Paul Bouthellier
abstractpaper.pdf Integrating Applications, Modeling, and Technology into a 'College Algebra in Context' Course18S087
 Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco
abstractpaper.pdf Integrating Spreadsheets, Visualization Tools and Computational Knowledge Engines in a Liberal Arts Calculus Course22C004
 Justin Gash, Robert Talbert
abstractpaper.pdf Integrating Technology in a Statistics Course for a Special Program at Florida International University21C012
 Ramon Gomez
abstractpaper.pdf Integrating Technology/Engineering Concepts Into The Teaching Of Mathematics In Middle School19S36A
 Mary Ann Connors
abstractpaper.pdf Interactive Web-Based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Area of U.S. States and Roller Coasters16C019
 Julie Clark, Trish Hammer
 paper.pdf Interdisciplinary Academic Program: Mathematics and Technology28A035
 Reginald P. Shelton, Jason T. Sharritt
abstract  Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects (ILAPs) Bringing Relevance to Mathematics07P025
 Richard D. West, Joseph D. Myers
 paper.pdf Inverse Problems for Vibrating Beams15S109
 Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo
abstractpaper.pdf Just In Time - For What?18C008
 Markus Pomper
abstractpaper.pdf Learning Math Concepts in Your Environment Using Photography and Geogebra25S125
 Joseph M. Furner, Carol A. Marinas
abstractpaper.pdf Learning Mathematics Through Web-based Experiments16S049
 Charles B. Pheatt, Jorge L. Ballester
abstractpaper.pdf Liberal Arts Math for Survival: Internet and Classroom Formats16S101
 Joseph Sukta
abstractpaper.pdf Linkages, Ellipses, and Elliptical Exercise Machines: Student Explorations26S60B
 Melissa Burkhead
 paper.pdf Looking For Math, Redux28A020
 Erica Johnson
 paper.pdf MacGyver on the Hudson - Arduinos and Robotics27A021
 Benjamin Minden, Matthew Mogensen, Frank Wattenberg, Drew Wilkerson
abstractpaper.pdf Making Mathematics More Attractive Using New Technology for Experiments in Cross-Curriculum Projects16S024
 Brigitta Aspetsberger, Klaus Aspetsberger
 paper.pdf Maple Implementation of Certain Cryptographic Methods28A021
 Manmohan Kaur
abstractpaper.pdf Maple-based Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem (Continuation)16S007
 Bruno Guerrieri
 paper.pdf Mathematical Modeling and Public Policy: Preparing Students to Participate in the Debate26S053
 Michael Yankovich, Frank Wattenberg
abstractpaper.pdf Mathematical Modeling for Game Design18C031
 Paul Bouthellier, Saeed Dubas
abstractpaper.pdf Mathematical Modeling of a Snowstorm and a Galaxy Using JavaScript and Flash18S102
 Paul Bouthellier
 paper.pdf Mathematics and Robots27A023
 Matthew D. Mogensen
abstractpaper.html Mathematics with Spreadsheets10P007
 Bahram Golshan
 paper.pdf Mathematics: the Power Behind the Drone27A029
 Frank Wattenberg, Matthew Mogensen
abstractpaper.pdf MATLAB in the Engineering Curriculum16S050
 Alan Davies, Stephen Kane
abstractpaper.pdf Matter and GPUs: Should the Focus of Our Modeling Classes be Adjusted?27A015
 B. J. Fournier, B. M. Wyatt
 paper.pdf Modeling and Applications in Numerical Analysis15W005
 William P. Fox, Richard D. West
 paper.pdf Modeling and Applications with LaGrange Multipliers using MAPLE15S131
 William P. Fox
abstractpaper.pdf Modeling with Discrete Dynamical Systems18W013
 William P. Fox, Thomas L. Fitzkee, Richard D. West
abstractpaper.pdf Motivating Mathematical Understanding via Surprises on the TI-8507C027
 Bruce Edwards
abstractpaper.pdf Multidisciplinary Project-Based Learning In STEM: A Case Study27A011
 Bowen Brawner
abstractpaper.pdf Multiple Integration - Visualization and Animation Using Maple17S036
 Bill Blyth
abstractpaper.pdf Multivariable Spreadsheet Modeling and Scientific Thinking via Stacking Bricks28A036
 Scott A. Sinex
abstractpaper.pdf Precalculus, it's out of This World18S043
 Marsha Davis
abstractpaper.pdf Principles for Designing Action-Consequence Tools in Calculus22S045
 Thomas P. Dick
abstractpaper.pdf Projects with Applications of Differential Equations and MATLAB23S022
 David Szurley
abstractpaper.pdf Radioactive Decay: Data Collection and Analysis of a Real Poisson Process20S102
 Allan Struthers
abstractpaper.pdf Real-Life Projects for Student Assessment in General Education Mathematics20S059
 Joseph Sukta
abstractpaper.pdf Recruiting Students in Computer Science and Mathematics through High School Programming and Mathematics Contests16S031
 Curt Jones, Lisa A. Lister, John Polhill
abstractpaper.pdf Risky Business: Connecting Mathematics and Business Concepts16S021
 Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco
 paper.pdf Robotics and the Arduino Ecosystem - K12 STEM Outreach28A034
 Jason Sharritt, Reginald Shelton
 paper.pdf Rotations and Orientations in R327A010
 Paul Bouthellier
abstractpaper.pdf RSA Cryptosystem and Its Applications17C052
 Weihu Hong
abstractpaper.pdf Rumors and Flu and New Products, Oh My! Logistic Model to the Rescue!18W003
 Donna M. Christy
abstractpaper.pdf Second-semester Biocalculus Computer Laboratory Projects Using Excel and Maple21S102
 Timothy D. Comar
abstractpaper.pdf Sensors and Actuators27A031
 Stephen Wilkerson, Frank Wattenberg
 paper.pdf Solar Energy - 'Take a Spherical Cow'26S139
 Stephen A. Wilkerson, Russell Park, Frank Wattenberg
 paper.pdf Solar Power - A Great Modeling Story26S121
 Frank Wattenberg, Russell Park, Stephen A. Wilkerson
 paper.pdf Solving Nonlinear Equations Using Excel26C024
 Jay Villanueva
abstractpaper.pdf Some Elementary Cryptography Including RSA with The TI-92+ and Voyage 20017W007
 Richard Klima, Neil Sigmon
abstractpaper.html Studying Collision Theory using JavaScript17C061
 Paul Bouthellier
 paper.pdf Swing, Pendulum, Swing15S057
 Jane Evans Gower
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching and Learning Business Calculus Through Technology17S052
 William L. Blubaugh
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching Math Concepts Through Historical Locations Using Geogebra and Photography27A017
 Joseph M. Furner, Carol A. Marinas
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching Partial Differential Equations Using Technology23C013
 Katarina Jegdic
 paper.pdf The Brachistochrone on a Rotating Earth28A039
 J. Villanueva
 paper.pdf The Government Shutdown and Sequestration: Making Lemonade Out of Lemons26S045
 Frank Wattenberg, Michael Yankovich
abstractpaper.pdf The Use of Mathematical Modeling In an Interdisciplinary Setting11C046
 Ronald J. Harshbarger, Jane Upshaw
abstractpaper.pdf The Validity and Reliance of Big Data Projects27A002
 G. Donald Allen
abstractpaper.pdf Training In-service and Pre-service Teachers in the Use of Technology08C085
 Ronald J. Harshbarger
abstractpaper.pdf Use of Maple and Calculus Concepts to Solve an Optimization Problem in a Physical Phenomenon23C018
 Somasundaram Velummylum
abstractpaper.pdf Use of and in Teaching Applications of Mathematics and Statistics23S017
 Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben
abstract  Using DNA Sequencing to Motivate Mathematics17C035
 Frederick A. Adkins
abstractpaper.pdf Using Excel Solver in Optimization Problems23C006
 Leslie Chandrakantha
abstractpaper.pdf Using Maplets in Teaching Cryptology25S014
 Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon
abstractpaper.pdf Using Mathematica to Solve the Lights Out Game20S077
 David Nawrocki
abstractpaper.pdf Using Projects to Develop Concepts in Algebra/Precalculus23S036
 Marsha Davis
abstractpaper.pdf Using Satellite Orbits and Space Travel with Game-Quality Simulations in Math and Physics Classes from High School through College25S032
 Mark Guerra, Frank Hughes, Gregor Novak, Brian Patterson, Frank Wattenberg
abstractpaper.pdf Using Technology to Create Degree Specific Mathematic Courses25S116
 Heather L. Garten
abstractpaper.pdf Using Technology to Teach Mathematics Topics Foundational to Calculus at Secondary Level18S023
 Antonio R. Quesada
abstractpaper.pdf Using Undergraduate Mathematics and Consumer Level Cameras to Track the Flight of a 'Toy' Helicopter in 3 Dimensions25S145
 John Bacon, Johann Thiel, Victor Trujillo, II, Frank Wattenberg
abstractpaper.pdf VBA Programming Techniques in Excel for a Cross Discipline Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Course17C024
 David Nawrocki
abstractpaper.html Velocity Profile of a Particle Moving on an Irregular Pathway With Friction Using a Computer Algebra System10C007
 Charles B. Wakefield
abstractpaper.pdf Visualizing Linear Algebra Applications With Matlab19C015
 David Szurley