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abstractpaper.pdf A Flash-based Demonstration of Quaternions and Spherical Linear Interpolation21S062
 Paul Bouthellier
abstractpaper.pdf Applied Calculus on the Web - an Interactive Approach to Freshman Calculus16S073
 Jennifer Whitfield, Kathryn Bollinger
abstractpaper.pdf Creating 3D Animations In Flash Using Mathematical Modeling19S081
 Paul Bouthellier, Melanie Anderson
abstractpaper.pdf Mathematical Modeling of a Snowstorm and a Galaxy Using JavaScript and Flash18S102
 Paul Bouthellier
 paper.pdf Prefabricated Mathematical Flash Movie Clips15S059
 Kevin Cooper
abstractpaper.pdf Steal This Applet!20M005
 Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching Mathematical Proof with Technology to First Year Students16S029
 Winston Crawley, Doug Ensley
abstractpaper.pdf The Buffon Needle Problem Generalized19C016
 Paul Bouthellier, Melanie Anderson
 paper.pdf Using Flash to Teach Mathematics15S103
 G. Donald Allen
abstractpaper.pdf Using Numerical Approximations and Modeling to Create a Graphing Calculator in Flash20S006
 Paul Bouthellier