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sequences and series

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abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben19S003
 Exploring Infinite Series With Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben20C014
 Exploring Limits with Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Mohammad H. Ahmadi07C006
 The Use of Group Research Project and Cooperative Learning in Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf David F. Appleyard10C008
 Hard Calculus Problems Made Easy by the TI-92 Calculator
abstractpaper.html Przemyslaw Bogacki07C021
 Mathcad Activities on Infinite Series and Taylor Polynomials
abstractpaper.pdf Roger G. Brown09C011
 Sequences, Series and Convergence with the TI 92
 paper.pdf James Burgmeier, Larry Kost01A118
abstractpaper.pdf Gary H. Ford07C022
 Understanding Taylor's Theorem with the TI-85
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy L. Miller19C020
 Series Solutions Of Second Order Differential Equations With The TI-89
 paper.pdf Emily H. Moore01A206
 Using Computers to Teach Series and Differential Equations
 paper.pdf Arnold Ostebee01A223
 Using Numerical and Graphical Techniques to Teach Infinite Series
abstractpaper.pdf Lawrence Sher, Patricia Wilkinson15C008
 Calculator Animations for Students' Mathematics Research
abstractpaper.pdf Nesan Sriskanda16C034
 Using Excel Spreadsheet to Understand the Limiting Value of a Sequence
abstractpaper.pdf Shin Watanabe19S087
 The Topics Of Taylor Series With The TI-89