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numerical methods

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abstractpaper.txt John J. Avioli07C016
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Bouthellier20S006
 Using Numerical Approximations and Modeling to Create a Graphing Calculator in Flash
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Bouthellier23S006
 Teaching 3D Mathematical Modeling and Interpolation
abstractpaper.pdf Oliver Y. Chen08C006
 A Comparison of Pivoting Strategies for the Direct LU Factorization
abstractpaper.pdf Crista Coles15C065
 Numerical Animation Using Mathematica
abstractpaper.pdf Neil Eklund11C027
 CORDIC: Elementary Function Computation Using Recursive Sequences
abstractpaper.pdf George Emese07C019
 Examples of Graphing Calculator Use in Calculus I
abstractpaper.pdf William P. Fox, Richard D. West16S118
 Mathematical Modeling: Predicting the Size of the Terror Bird with Proportionality and Geometric Similarity
 paper.pdf William P. Fox, Richard D. West15W005
 Modeling and Applications in Numerical Analysis
abstractpaper.pdf Anthony P. Leclerc07C024
 Should We Be Concerned About Roundoff Error?
 paper.pdf Mike O'Leary, Shiva Azadegan15S175
 Developing Computer Simulations Using Object-Oriented Programming. The Three-Body Problem: A Case Study
abstractpaper.pdf Dennis Pence22S006
 Polynomial Interpolation and Approximation on the TI-89
abstractpaper.html Shari Prevost10C006
 Interactive Calculus Laboratories Using Maple V
abstractpaper.pdf Vladimir V. Riabov19C032
 Exploring Singular Differential Equations With Exponential Box-Schemes
abstractpaper.pdf Vladimir V. Riabov25S132
 Exploring Mathematical Aspects of Algorithms for Challenging Topics in Numerical Analysis
 paper.pdf Peter Shenkin01A247
 Computation Errors and the Calculus Student
abstractpaper.html Nora Strasser15P014
 Using a Companion Web Site to Enhance Learning in a Numerical Methods Course
abstractpaper.pdf Nora Strasser16S039
 Numerical Methods using Mathematica Notebooks and Web Applets
abstractpaper.pdf Jay Villanueva18C037
 Finding the Brachistochrone Between Two Points in a Vertical Plane by Direct Numerical Integration
abstractpaper.pdf James A. Walsh07C017
 Iteration in First Semester Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf De Ting Wu11C036
 Newton Method and HP-48G
abstractpaper.pdf De Ting Wu16C029
 Mathcad's Program Function and Application in Teaching of Math
 paper.pdf De Ting Wu15S088
 Teaching Numerical Analysis with Mathcad
 paper.pdf Daniel S. Yates01A291
 Teaching Numerical Analysis in a Small College Environment