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dynamical systems

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abstractpaper.pdf Zaur Berkaliev16S104
 Can Technology Help Predict the Dynamics of Student Attitudes Toward Mathematics?
 paper.pdf Robert Devaney15A001
 The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project
abstractpaper.pdf William P. Fox, Thomas L. Fitzkee, Richard D. West18W013
 Modeling with Discrete Dynamical Systems
abstractpaper.pdf William P. Fox, Richard D. West16W011
 Modeling with Discrete Dynamical Systems
abstractpaper.pdf David Gurney17C005
 Cobweb Diagrams in Excel
 paper.pdf John W. Perram, Morten Andersen15S098
 Dynamical Systems Using MATHEMATICA
abstractpaper.pdf Vladimir V. Riabov25S132
 Exploring Mathematical Aspects of Algorithms for Challenging Topics in Numerical Analysis
abstractpaper.pdf Somasundaram Velummylum19C018
 Exploring Solutions Of A Dynamical System With Maple
abstractpaper.pdf James A. Walsh07C017
 Iteration in First Semester Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Richard D. West22W003
 Discrete Dynamical Systems with the TI-Nspire CAS Part II
abstractpaper.pdf Richard D. West21W006
 Discrete Dynamical Modeling with the TI-Nspire CAS
abstractpaper.pdf Joe Yanik07C029
 Chaos in the Classroom