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Scientific Workplace

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abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco19S035
 Using Scientific Notebook And Excel In A College Algebra Course
abstractpaper.pdf Jonathan Lewin20S097
 Creating Course Material in the Form of On-screen Documents and Videos
abstractpaper.html Seu-Kea Lua, Wai-Har S. Wong09C005
 Scientific WorkPlace as a Tool to Evaluate Definite Integral using Trapezoidal Rule
 paper.pdf Che-yin Suen, Dennis Kwok-wing Tam15S062
 The Comparison of 'Hot Quiz', a Newly Developed Authoring Tool, with Scientific Notebook
 paper.pdf Dan Van Peursem15S042
 Intermediate Algebra 'A Gateway/Mastery Approach Using SCIENTIFIC NOTEBOOK's Exam Builder'
abstractpaper.pdf Wei-Chi Yang08C088
 Examples in Advanced Calculus and Scientific Workplace
abstractpaper.pdf Wei-Chi Yang, Myungsuk Chung08C056
 Examples from Calculus with Scientific Workplace