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abstractpaper.pdf Ron Barnes, Linda Becerra, Nancy Leveille25C041
 Infusing Technology into a Variety of Math Courses
 paper.pdf Carol A. Marinas15S049
 10 Steps to Blackboard Success
abstractpaper.pdf Marilyn Reba, Sherry Biggers20S057
 Active Learning in Mathematics via Tablet PCs, Web-Based Software, Podcasts, and Interactive Homework Systems
abstractpaper.html Nora Strasser15P014
 Using a Companion Web Site to Enhance Learning in a Numerical Methods Course
abstractpaper.pdf Nora Strasser16S039
 Numerical Methods using Mathematica Notebooks and Web Applets
abstractpaper.pdf Cathleen M. Zucco-Teveloff18S103
 Using Blackboard and the World Wide Web in a Quantitative Literacy Course