Electronic Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

Orlando, Florida, October 31-November 3, 2002

Paper C061

A Report on an Online Course for Non-science Majors

Thomas M. Zachariah

Department of Mathematics
Loyola Marymount University
One LMU Drive
Suite 2700
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659
Phone: (310) 338-5109
Fax: (310) 338-3768

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Quantitative Skills for the Modern World, a mathematics course for non-science majors, was one of the online courses that Loyola Marymount University has offered during the summer of 2002. I created an online version of this course and piloted it. The main goal of this project was to evaluate effectiveness of this new course delivery system. After having taught this course online, I believe that the new delivery system is at least as effective as the traditional delivery of this course. In this talk, I will share my experiences in teaching this course online. The discussion will include the course content and its delivery, the course mechanics, problems faced in teaching a course online, student reaction, evaluation of student learning, and some general observations and comments.

Keyword(s): distance learning, Internet