Electronic Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

Orlando, Florida, October 31-November 3, 2002

Paper C001

Converting Lecture Preps to Polished Web Slides

Russell J. Hendel

Department of Mathematics
Towson University
Towson, MD 21252
Phone: (985) 549-5894

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We present a method for converting,(with little extra time), routine lecture preparations into highly polished web based slides using a depth-5 syllabus model: EACH COURSE= (3-4) AREAS = 12 SYLLABUS TOPICS. Each TOPIC=(3-6) SUBTOPICS; each SUBTOPIC=(3-4) SLIDES. EACH SLIDE=a 2-dimensional TABLE presenting
a) lists,
b) contrasts,
d) examples,
e) (function)-argument lists,
f) algebraic-geometric correspondences.

Keyword(s): Internet, distance learning