Electronic Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

San Francisco, California, November 4-7, 1999

Paper C017

Using NET-TUTOR for Conducting Online Interactive Office Hours

Arun K. Verma

Department of Mathematics
Hampton University
Hampton, VA 23668

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Teaching mathematics has never been easier until I used 'NetTutor' in one of my Calculus courses. NetTutor is a collaborative distance learning tutorial environment. An ideal software for online interactive mathematics tutoring as it contains click-able buttons for mathematical operations, symbols and Greek letters. Besides lecture hours, most of the schools require that the instructors be available for few hours to help students. The instructors set these hours according to their convenience - during free time between classes. These hours fall during peak hours of classes and students cannot get helped. I have been helping my students during the office hours and off the office hours. Those instructors who hold extra help sessions in Calculus very well know that number of the students show up for this is more than those who come to office during office hours for help. This clearly shows that the conflict is in time. I had always dreamed for a tool/software/environment with features like 'NetTutor'. Soon after coming across this, I managed to get it and decided to use it in one of my Calculus courses.

Keyword(s): Internet