Electronic Proceedings of the Seventh Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

Orlando, Florida, November 17-20, 1994

Paper P023

Faculty Training in Visual Basic Application to Teach Mathematics

G. Boyd Swartz

Monmouth College
W. Long Branch, NJ 07764

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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming language included in EXCEL 5.0 and other Microsoft Windows applications. The language may be used by end users to easily develop specialized applications based on EXCEL's capabilities. VBA can be used to develop applications that simplify in-class demonstrations of mathematical concepts or to develop programs for students to run with little knowledge of EXCEL.

We have developed a sequence of example programs for use by faculty in learning how to use VBA. Applications include in-class graphics, calculation and simulation of discrete random variables, user defined functions and demonstration of numerical integration. In addition a number of reference books and training materials have been collected and reviewed.

Keyword(s): spreadsheets, programming