Author names beginning with the letter H

Samer Habre

abstractpaper.pdf Samer Habre22S102
 Dynamical Mathematics with Mathematica
abstract  Samer Habre09C046
 Teaching Ordinary Differential Equations with Computer Experiments (In a Third World Country)
 paper.pdf Hana Shatila, Samer Habre, Iman Osta28A018
 Effects of Technology-Aided Multiple-Representations Approach on Students' Understanding Of Derivatives
abstractpaper.pdf Samer Habre23S110
 Writing In Mathematics Enhanced By Technology

Thomas R. Hagedorn

abstractpaper.pdf Thomas R. Hagedorn16S134
 Improving Linear Algebra Instruction Using WebWork and the ATLAST Problems

Susan Hagen

abstract  Lynn Foshee Reed, Susan Hagen07P021
 The Rule of Four in a Technology-Enhanced Precalculus Course

Judy D. Halchin

 paper.pdf Charles G. Flemming, Judy D. Halchin01A170
 Rubik Algebra

Trish Hammer

abstractpaper.pdf Julie Clark, Trish Hammer16P007
 Interactive Web-based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Student Solutions
abstractpaper.pdf Julie Clark, Trish Hammer16C019
 Interactive Web-Based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Area of U.S. States and Roller Coasters
abstractpaper.pdf Trish Hammer16P006
 Interactive Web-based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Design of a Thrilling Roller Coaster

Sudan Hansraj

abstractpaper.pdf Sudan Hansraj15C060
 The Development of problem Solving Ability in Post-Apartheid South Africa

W. J. Hardell

 paper.pdf W. J. Hardell, J. J. Malone01A174
 Computer Use in Calculus at WPI

Suzanne R. Harper

abstractpaper.pdf Suzanne R. Harper, Michael Todd Edwards21S075
 Purposeful Dragging: Motivating Deeper Understanding of Functions, Domain, and Continuity through Dynamic Geometry Explorations

Gary Harris

abstractpaper.pdf Gary Harris17C034
 The Use of LOGO in Pre-service Mathematics Teacher Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Gary Harris16S087
 A Web Course for In-service High School Mathematics Teachers
abstractpaper.pdf Gary A. Harris08C087
 A Comparative Technology Course For the Prospective Elementary School Teacher

Ronald J. Harshbarger

abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco12C010
 Preparing Inservice Middle Grades Teachers to Use the TI-73
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Jane Upshaw11C046
 The Use of Mathematical Modeling In an Interdisciplinary Setting
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger08C085
 Training In-service and Pre-service Teachers in the Use of Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco16S021
 Risky Business: Connecting Mathematics and Business Concepts
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco17S073
 College Algebra in Context: An Interdisciplinary Approach
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco19S035
 Using Scientific Notebook And Excel In A College Algebra Course
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco18S087
 Integrating Applications, Modeling, and Technology into a 'College Algebra in Context' Course

Mako E. Haruta

abstractpaper.pdf Mako E. Haruta22S029
 An Overview of a Decade of WeBWorK Use in Precalculus and Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Mako E. Haruta22S061
 Good Test Problems for Calculus Courses that Require the TI-89 Graphing Calculator

John G. Harvey

 paper.pdf John G. Harvey01A040
 Changes in Pedagogy and Testing When Using Technologies in College-Level Mathematics Courses

Adam O. Hausknecht

abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht21S021
 Animating Calculus Concepts and Proof
abstractpaper.pdf Adam O. Hausknecht23S086
 Using Open Source 2D and 3D Visualization Tools to Motivate Differential Equations
abstractpaper.pdf Adam O. Hausknecht, Robert E. Kowalczyk19S009
 Exploring Calculus Using Innovative Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht17S070
 Generating and Modeling Data From Real-World Experiments
abstractpaper.pdf Adam O. Hausknecht, Robert E. Kowalczyk20S076
 Seeing is Believing - Visualizing Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht18S026
 Visualizations of Vectors, Vector-valued Functions, Vector Fileds, and Line Integrals
 paper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht15S079
 Energize Your Math Classes with Mathematical Models
abstractpaper.pdf Adam O. Hausknecht22S118
 Scientific Computation 101
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hauskneth16S051
 A Modeling Extravaganza
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hauskneth, Sara Dalton19S045
 Experiencing TI-Navigator In A Calculus Class

Karl Havlak

abstractpaper.pdf Javier Garza, Karl Havlak, Elisabeth Riggs, Peter White12C002
 Development of a Computer-Based College Algebra Course

Judith H. Hector

abstractpaper.pdf Judith H. Hector13C028
 Introductory Statistics Via the Internet

Christopher Heeren

 paper.pdf Christopher Heeren28A019
 Flipping Review Sessions with Learning Catalytics

Christine Heinecke Lehmann

abstractpaper.pdf Joel P. Lehmann, Christine Heinecke Lehmann21S014
 Thinking Outside the DiffEq Box

Russell J. Hendel

abstractpaper.txt Russell J. Hendel08C039
 Calculus Remediation Using Databases
abstractpaper.html Russell J. Hendel15C001
 Converting Lecture Preps to Polished Web Slides

R. Howard Henley

 paper.pdf R. Howard Henley27A020
 Virtual Vector Calculus Tutors

Russell Herman

abstractpaper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo21S058
 Adventures in 3D Modeling Using VP ython
 paper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo15S109
 Inverse Problems for Vibrating Beams
 paper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo15S048
 Mathematics on Pocket PC's
abstractpaper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo20S062
 Open Source Resources for Teaching and Research in Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Gabriel Lugo, Russell Herman18S050
 Tablet PCs in Mathematics: VLC Project
abstractpaper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo19S001
 iPods: Reducing Mathematics To Sound/Video Bytes

Bryan J. Higgs

abstractpaper.pdf Vladimir V. Riabov, Bryan J. Higgs23S062
 Algorithms and Software Tools for Teaching Mathematical Fundamentals of Computer Security

David R. Hill

abstractpaper.pdf David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts14C027
 Demos with Positive Impact: A Tool in the Student Centered Classroom
 paper.pdf David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts15S029
 Let the Pictures Tell the Story: Visualizations for Mathematics Instruction
abstractpaper.html David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts15P013
 Demos with Positive Impact: A Project to Connect Mathematics Instructors with Effective Teaching Tools
abstractpaper.pdf David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts14P003
 Demos with Positive Impact: A Project to Connect Mathematics Instructors with Effective Teaching Tools
abstractpaper.html David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts13P005
 Demos with Positive Impact: A Web-based Resource for Instructors

Holly Hirst

abstract  Holly Hirst07P011
 A Laboratory Course in Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students

Jeff L. Hirst

abstractpaper.html Jeff L. Hirst11C038
 A graphical tool for analysis courses
abstractpaper.html Jeff L. Hirst09P006
 Animators in the Classroom

Margret Hoeft

 paper.pdf John Frederick Fink, Margret Hoeft, David A. James01A162
 Computers-in-Calculus: an Experiment at the University of Michigan-Dearborn

Erick Hofacker

abstractpaper.pdf Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie21S010
 Using Digital Ink and Podcasts to Teach Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie20C039
 Interactive Learning Objects for Future Teachers
abstractpaper.pdf Kathryn Ernie, Erick Hofacker21S098
 Using Clickers to Encourage Communication and Self-reflection in Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie22S049
 Using Podcasts & Digital Ink to Enhance Mathematical Communication
abstractpaper.pdf Kathryn Ernie, Erick Hofacker22S103
 The Art and Science of Designing Higher Level Clicker Questions

Guy T. Hogan

abstractpaper.pdf Guy T. Hogan13C035
 Quaternions and Rotations in 3-Space, With the TI-83

Markus Hohenwarter

abstractpaper.pdf Markus Hohenwarter, Judith Preiner, Taeil Yi19S100
 Incorporating GeoGebra Into Teaching Mathematics At The College Level

Abigail Hoit

abstractpaper.pdf Abigail Hoit, Allen Rogers16S099
 Using Palm-OS PDA's in Calculus I and II

John T. Holm

abstractpaper.pdf John T. Holm16C009
 Potential Pitfalls for Students Using Online Math Utilities

Weihu Hong

abstractpaper.pdf Weihu Hong17C052
 RSA Cryptosystem and Its Applications

Jean M. Horn

 paper.pdf Jean M. Horn, Toni Robertson, Paul K. Horn15W007
 Discrete Mathematics with the TI-89

Paul K. Horn

 paper.pdf Jean M. Horn, Toni Robertson, Paul K. Horn15W007
 Discrete Mathematics with the TI-89

Alan Horwitz

abstractpaper.pdf Alan Horwitz08C035
 Using MATHEMATICA to Prove and Animate a Property of Cubic Polynomials
abstract  Alan Horwitz16S055
 A Mathematica Music Synthesizer

Keith Howard

abstractpaper.pdf Keith Howard, Lewis D. Ludwig16S067
 Hand-on Learning in Calculus via Maplets-based Projects

Michael Huber

abstractpaper.pdf J. Scott Billie, Michael Huber, Scott Nestler, Gabriel Costa22S096
 Simulating Rare Baseball Events Using Monte Carlo methods in Excel and R

Mary Hudachek-Buswell

abstractpaper.pdf Nathan Borchelt, Mary Hudachek-Buswell, Catherine Matos, Kelli Nipper21S052
 Making Course Management Systems Work for You

Amy Huff

abstractpaper.pdf Allan Struthers, David Clark, Robert Edman, Amy Huff16S108
 Is Popcorn Normal?

Laurie Huffman

abstractpaper.pdf Laurie Huffman24C045
 Using Technology to Support the Transition to a Project-based Statistics Course

Frank Hughes

abstractpaper.pdf Mark Guerra, Frank Hughes, Gregor Novak, Brian Patterson, Frank Wattenberg25S032
 Using Satellite Orbits and Space Travel with Game-Quality Simulations in Math and Physics Classes from High School through College

Andrew Hugine

 paper.pdf Andrew Hugine, Manuel Keepler01A178
 On the Use of Computer Technology to Teach Mathematics and Computer Science at a Small Black College

Douglas Hulbert

abstractpaper.pdf Douglas Hulbert13C043
 Using Matlab to Create an Image from Radar

Lisa Humphreys

abstractpaper.pdf Lisa Humphreys, Bin Wang23S102
 Technology to Enhance Proof in Linear Algebra: Is it Possible?

Lawrence S. Husch

abstractpaper.pdf Lawrence S. Husch07C013
 Obtaining Software and Other Teaching Materials by e-mail

Scott K. Hyde

 paper.pdf Scott K. Hyde22A001
 Teaching College Level Linear Algebra Using the R Programming Environment