Electronic Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics


Using Technology to Facilitate Student Access to Mathematics Programs

David James
Phone: (313) 593-5242
E-mail: djames@um-f1.umd.umich.edu

Tim McKenna
Phone: (313) 593-5231
E-mail: mathman@.umich.edu

Ronald Morash
Phone: (313) 593-4990
E-mail: rmorash@um-f1.umd.umich.edu

Joan Remski
(313) 593-4994, remski@umd.umich.edu

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Michigan-Dearborn


We describe the features of a Mathematics Learning Center, equipped under a grant from NSF.

This technology-based facility has the primary goal of improving access for students, especially transfer students and nonmathematics majors, to mathematics courses at three possible levels:

  1. remedial,
  2. mid-calculus sequence, and
  3. as a bridge to upper-level courses.