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The Geometry in Space Project

David A. Thomas & John W. Emert

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Ball State University, Muncie, IN 47306



Table of Contents



Orbital Mechanics: From Earth to Mars
How do we pilot a ship from Earth to another planet? By using the geometry of ellipses we can find the fastest way to get to another planet - and it's not a straight line!


Finding a place to land
Since we can't count on the Martians to build us a landing site, we have to search the surface of Mars to find a place to land. We need a level place so the ship can land safely, but we also want to land near some interesting sites! Lets look at the mountains and valleys on Mars and pick a few landing sites that you think would be the best!


Evaluating your landing sites
Now that you've chosen a few landing sites, how do you decide which is the best? Lets look at local weather and the different kinds of minerals the surface of Mars is made up of and select the best of your sites.

Mars in Perspective
We have several different maps of Mars, and some of them make prominent features of the planet look different. We can use data from previous missions to create 3D-views of the ground so that we can see what the area around you landing site will really look like!



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