Sample Level 3 Material

The website address given below illustrates the structured, menu-based approach that is being taken at Level 3, to topics in such foundational areas as set-theory, logic and methods of proof-writing. It furthermore follows a series of menu selections culminating in exposition, some of it interactive, some examples of applications, and a partially-interactive quiz, relating to a topic selected from Module 2, Workshop 4. The selected module covers logical principles and their uses in mathematics. Under this heading, the selected workshop deals with tautologies in the propositional calculus that are equivalences. Among these, the topic of negations of the five connectives (of the propositional calculus) is selected, followed by the subtopic of negating propositions having the form "if . . . then." The remaining menu items include an interactive truth table establishing the validity of the equivalence under study and a quiz that has an interactive multiple-choice component, as well as a few questions that require pencil and paper responses. Also included is a page of solved examples dealing with uses of the logical principle in settings both mathematical and relating to the use of language in everyday communication.

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