What Students Think About A Consortium's Approach Calculus I Class

Kathleen Cage Mittag
University of Texas at San Antonio
Phone: 210-458-5851
e-mail: kmittag@lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu


This paper presents results of a survey and a questionnaire that were given in a Calculus class which was taught using the Calculus Consortium's Approach. The textbook Calculus (Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, et al., 1994) was used along with cooperative learning, extensive graphing calculator applications, and laboratories. The survey was a mathematics attitude survey given the first class meeting and the last class meeting. Pre and post results of the surveys were tabulated and compared. Attitudes of the students improved in most of the categories. The questionnaire was given the last class meeting and included questions about students' previous calculus experience, thoughts about the teaching method and textbook, and opinions of the graphing calculator. The majority (89%) of the students liked the method and all the students think the graphing calculator is a good tool to use for calculus. Hopefully, calculus reform will evolve into a methodology which improves student comprehension and attitudes.

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