Descriptions of Maple Worksheets

Carmen Q. Artino
Department of Mathematics
The College of Saint Rose
Albany, NY 12203
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This worksheet served as the major portion of my presentation and is documented in the descriptive part of these files. It was created with MapleV R3 and is included here for anyone caring to use or modify it for his or her own purposes. It should work equally well with MapleV R4. The file dq is also included; put it in a folder where Maple can find it.

This is an example of a Maple worksheet that I use with an in-class worksheet that I have my students work out with the aid of Maple; I collect them at the end of the class. It extends the latter half of section 7.10 of the Harvard Calculus text. I have also included a sample of the in-class worksheet, in TeX .dvi format, that I use with it. See the file intconst.dvi.

This worksheet serves as another example of some of the things I have done in class with the Harvard Calculus program. It is a nearly direct implementation of section 7.7, p. 384 of the Harvard text which may be considered as the "documentation" for this worksheet. It represents one example of how technology can be used in lieu of lecturing. The SUMS package is a collection of procedures I wrote for use with the chapters on integration. It contains all the routines mentioned in the text (LEFT, RIGHT, TRAP, MID, SIMP) and a few others together with a help file for each. For example, type


to see the help file for LEFT. This package is also included with this upload; place it in a folder where Maple can find it.